Dangerously Inadequate Yellow Light / Amber time issues in Winnipeg and cover up.

Dangerously inadequate Yellow Light / Amber time issues in Winnipeg and cover up.

June 14 2016 – Kevin Yaworski


Amber lights ticking time bombs: Engineer
Dangerous yet profitable policy must be nixed: Expert
Timeline on a fight to change the lights – Sept 2010 – Apr 2016

9 different events plus there is more not reported

This is from Apr 26th but is the printed edition that is available online and has more info than the online only version of the story.

Online version of article:
Winnipeg’s four-second amber lights here to stay: Committee

More info:

Traffic-ticket watchdogs get ear of city hall on Tuesday
WiseupWinnipeg argues some enforcement strategies aim to pad police budget


Related story in yesterdays paper:


Printed version of today’s article online:
Advocate proceeds with caution
Todd Dube get time with city officials to make his case


Online version of article:
Anti-traffic ticket crusader Todd Dube makes his case to Winnipeg officials


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