Winnipeg Police Service saying they need the Millions from Photo Radar and Traditional tickets in their budget

Winnipeg Police Service saying they need the Millions from Photo Radar tickets in their budget

May 19 2016 – Kevin Yaworski
Updated May 25 2016 – 2nd FP article and my comments.

WPS Inspector Gord Friesen’s statements in response to traffic tickets being tossed out due to they being in breach of our charger rights was that they need the millions from Photo Radar tickets in their budget to do other police activities.

My translation of this and what he really should have said.

We wasted a lot of all our money and time on things we didn’t need and now don’t want to loose the easy traffic ticket revenue even if it not really fair, legal or about safety!
If the senior people involved in these “Safety” programs including Insp. Friesen and others at WPS, the City and Province had to sign their careers and pensions to their positions including quoted gibberish – this sham would have ended before it got started.
Don’t agree with me.  Let me know what you think after reading the following articles and my comments below.


In the following Winnipeg FreePress article Insp. Gord Friesen, commander of the WPS community support division & central traffic unit asked about the tickets getting tossed due to unreasonable delay to go to trial he said “the intention of the detection of the offence and the subsequent fine is to change driver behaviour,”

City of Winnipeg Compensation Disclosure report for 2015

“If there is no fine associated with the detection of the offence this will decrease the likeliness of changing the dangerous driving behaviour.”

If they want to positively change driver behaviour why don’t they tell the City to listen to some of their own traffic engineers that are recommended proper and safe speed limits, signage and red light amber times as per HTA. These engineers are only doing there job to improve public safety and traffic flow as required and clearly defined in the HTA and MB APEGM act legislation.

If Insp. Gord Friesen, WPS, the City and Province want to make the public safer like have been claiming and change driver behaviour why are they partnering with 3rd party ACS / Xerox to send people a ticket in the mail and not using officers out there in high visibility to issue warning and tickets to serious offenders immediately which proven to be a bigger deterrent? They renewed the contract and continued to operate it after it brought to their attention that it was loosing money if not enough offences generated and that the executives of parent company charged or convicted of fraud, bribery or other corruption crimes and investigated for other offences.

Insp. Gord Friesen also said “some of the revenue generated from the Photo Enforcement Program (PEP) is incorporated into the WPS budget,”
Figures he provided from the 2015 Photo Enforcement Annual Report show the Winnipeg Police Service reported 2015 Photo Enforcement Program revenues as $17,252,999.39 with expenses of $5,517,736 (ACS / Xerox). Once all costs were added up, the surplus from photo radar enforcement was $11,735,263.

What about then Provinces portion of the revenue which would be about 12 Million as well and what about the much higher costs then expected from 10’s of 1000’s of people contesting the unfair or illegal tickets and other hidden costs they don’t want to report?

Insp. Gord Friesen also said “As the Photo Enforcement program is part of the Winnipeg Police Service, any net surplus is incorporated into the overall budget to fund other policing activities,”, “So less fines paid means less money for our budget to fund policing activities.”

But why are they including revenue from activities that should be decreasing as they do their job and improve public safety?


Here is another Freepress article about at least the second traffic court decision to stay / drop due to breach of charter rights and this time Winnipeg Police Board chairman Coun. Scott Gillingham saying “ticket revenue is part of the police budget.”

“These results may have an impact on the police budget, but this revenue line of the budget has always been susceptible to individuals challenging them in court,” he said.

Gillingham said the bottom line isn’t revenue but public safety.

If that really their concern why are they including revenue for violations that should be going down if they doing their job. Why have ticket volumes been going up for several years to the point of 150k /Year in a City with approx 420k drivers.

Then he says “At the end of the day, if individuals drive within the posted speed limit the streets are safer, and no one will get a ticket,”

What about when speed limits and amber times reduced artifically against the recommendations of the cities own traffic engineers and proven engineering standards? Or when signs installed incorrectly, missing or removed on pupose. This all well documented.

Does he really think the majority of the public still believe the safety propaganda especially when they almost start crying about lost ticket revenue? If they wasted our tax dollars they given already and are short then take it out of their paychecks or pensions not ours. Maybe then they will be more careful!

I am surprised they give statements and interviews like this as it helps the public see what there real motive is.

I am also surprised why more people have not done something about this already.

If Manitoba has one of the lowest traffic death and injury rates but one of the worst serious crime rates should the priority of police be traffic enforcement?
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