Debunking Law Enforcements “Bad Apples” Theory


Debunking Law Enforcements “Bad Apples” Theory

May 10 2016 – Kevin Yaworski

Debunk of Law Enforcements -Bad Apples- Theory
I agree 100% with the statements in this photo but think it more serious then something a comedian would raise.
The bigger issue is what if the worse bad apples are at the top? How do we proceed?
We must demand positive change, reform and actions from our elected and appointed officials. And and do not stop till it happens.

Many respected academic and institutional studies have shown people with certain personality traits are attracted to police work.   Of course there is many reason why but these studies show some of the main reasons. These traits are proving to not be the most helpful in many policing situations.  In many cases this is negatively affecting public safety and the respect and cooperation the public have with police.

We need to contact our elected and appointed officials and tell them this.  They need to review and change hiring policies and practices to identify and hire people with the traits that will do the job of policing most effectively and not at the expense of improving public safety and respect.

If officers instructed to do things that will negatively affect public safety and respect like abusive or illegal traffic enforcement when not enough officers directed to reducing and preventing serious crime (eg violent and property) than that is a different issue. A different conversation we need to have with our elected and appointed officials.

Myself and many others have posted and commented about this lots so I won’t elaborate here but you probably know what needs to be done.

Someone commented
“Police unions need to be weakened”

My response
Unions are protected by legislation but we elect our MLA’s so if the legislation is flawed we need to contact them and tell them why it needs to change.

Related to this:
When the police union collectively bargains they are not permitted to strike so if the City has a back bone and says no to unnecessary or unaffordable demands it  goes to arbitration.  This process has serious issues and needs to change.

Complaining about this or other issues online or by word of mouth will accomplish absolutely nothing.  Meaningful change will come when we the tax payer and other members of the public work together collectively.

Ask the Mayor and your City Councillor to have a back bone during these negotiations.  Ask them to put a motion forward to do the following and why this needed.  Let them know you expect to hear them publicly support this and ask  their colleagues to support or justify why they can’t.

New motion from councillor or mayor to:
– Require salary and benefits arbitration to take into consideration what the City (public tax payer) can afford, what the city’s current net deficit and interest payments are and current staffing levels / capita compared to other cities.

For more info and other motions that will directly or indirectly solve many of the issues affecting Wpg.

Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds

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