Important Announcement from WiseUpWinnipeg about the $low Down Campaign

Important Announcement from WiseUpWinnipeg (WUW) about the $low Down Campaign

May 9 2016 – WiseUpWinnipeg
Last Modified May 11 2016


Important Announcement from WiseUpWinnipeg (WUW) about the $low Down Campaign to help bring an end to abusive Photo Radar Enforcement and related abuse.

Calling out to all WUW members and concerned citizens of Winnipeg about the Yellow Army Campaign meeting to discuss daily deployments that will help bring an end to the abusive Photo Radar Enforcement that has been taking place in Winnipeg since 2003 and help set a precedent for others to use to shutdown similar abuse elsewhere. This will expose it as the revenue not safety drive program as falsely claimed.

To learn why this important campaign needed read more info below and read the pinned post on the WiseUpWinnipeg Facebook page.

If you want to be part of bringing positive change for traffic enforcement in Winnipeg PM Todd Dube or myself to confirm you can help. If if it is only once or once a week it will help as the more people we have protesting out there the sooner this program will be exposed for what it is and shutdown.

Share this event on Facebook and elsewhere online and by word of mouth. Don’t just like it as this is only visible to others in the group which will not give us the enough exposure needed to make this a successful campaign. To share outside of Facebook use:


Almost 1000 $low Down signs
were previously printed and handed out at different times and to different people. We currently only have a hand full left.

Anyone that has signs please confirm you can volunteer or at least drop the signs off at the meeting so they can be utilized.

** Private Message Todd or WiseUpWpg if you plans to volunteer or can at least drop off signs or make them available for pickup.

Read the info below in full to see why this Campaign is needed and why we know it will be able to effectively shutdown at least mobile Photo Radar temporarily. We also know if it deployed with enough WUW members / volunteers / protesters and for long enough it will be successfully in shutting down Photo Radar permanently.


We have about 6 or so dedicated volunteers already and need at least 15 more for this campaign and ideally several more so we can rotate on and off to keep the pressure on longer and for more days to get the most exposure and have the biggest impact.

We will deploy at least 2 people with $low Down Signs to the 10 most heavily targeted locations every day. Most of these have artificially reduced speed limits and are also deficient in proper sign-age as per HTA and proven engineering standards. Regardless if they are their or not as we know they spend 90% of their time at these deficient locations.

If we do this consistently for several days we won’t even need to ask the media to come out as they will start showing up. Also the more drivers that see the signs the more they will slow down and many will share photos on social media (taken by passengers or after pulling over of course)

If we sustain this long enough the photo radar program will loose enough money that it will effectively shut it down and expose it as the revenue generate program it is and not the claimed safety improvement program.


At the meeting we will discuss which locations and how to deploy to them safely and spend a few minutes to re-force the signs to double them up so they visibility from both directions as well as stiffen them up.

Please read this event in full, share the event and private message Todd Dube or WiseUpWpg to confirm you attendance and if you have signs to bring.

You do not need to be worried about participating in this Campaign as we know we have the support of many WPS officers as they have frequently given us thumps up and some have even come by to say thanks when we are out signing. Same with many members of the public doing the same.


Why is this important Yellow Army campaign needed?

Overwhelming evidence is available proving that Photo Radar Enforcement in Winnipeg and elsewhere is revenue and not safety driven as claimed and is being operated unfairly and illegally. All the following are facts reported by reputable media and research institutions or available in publicly available documents, FIPPA requests or court transcripts.

It has been shut down in many cities due to corruption convictions or loosing money if operated fairly and legally.

A Calgary man recently arrested and charged with Stunting for holding up a sign at side of road warning of Radar ahead. This is an abuse of this particular law and will most likely be dropped by the crown as it will never hold up in court. This is an abuse of our justice system and meant to scare other legally abiding protesters. More people need to stand up and demand this type of abuse by police stop.

Millions are being sent out of Manitoba and Canada every year since 2003 to 3rd Party for Profit Photo Radar company ACS (division of Xerox) whose executives have been charged or convicted of Fraud, Bribery and other corruption charges.

It proven that following well known traffic engineering standards including proper road classifications, speed limits and sign-age requirements in MB’s HTA reduces violations by up to 95% which significantly improves public safety. This also proven when WPS officers setup for high visibility radar enforcement. It acts as a proper and lasting deterrent especially when offenders pulled over and warned or ticketed immediately for serious or repeat offenders. In some cases this leads to arrest of wanted criminals or solving crimes. Photo Radar proven to do none of these even when operated fairly and legally which it rarely is.

Following these standards and requirements of the HTA also proven to reduce violation and improve safety by the City of Winnipeg Public Works when WiseUpWinnipeg has pressured them long and hard enough (in some cases for years) to replace missing or incorrectly installed signs at some of the locations that are heavily targeted by WPS and their 3rd party Photo Radar Partner Xerox / ACS and mobile operators. After corrected violations at these locations dropped by up to 95% and they stopped targeting them as they didn’t generate enough tickets and revenue.

Unfortunately City Council and senior officials at the City are slow or reluctant to give direction to fix the other deficient locations and in some cases have directed to remove signage with the excuse it confusing for drivers or not required. They refuse to listen to some of their own traffic engineers with regards to proper and safe speed limits and red light amber times and other engineering. Then these locations are heavily targeted for enforcement.

WUW members have also repeatedly proven better sign-age reduces violations and improves safety when they have gone out to deficient locations with artificially reduced speed limits, missing or incorrectly installed sign-age and have fixed photo radar speed cameras or are frequently targeted by 3rd party mobile operators.

Just standing there with for a few minutes with $LOW DOWN PHOTO RADAR ENFORCEMENT AHEAD SIGNS on both sides of the road slows traffic down and almost every time the operators leave to go try and find another deficient location as they get almost no violations


What are the impacts to using Photo Radar in Winnipeg and elsewhere?

Photo Radar has been shu down in many jurisdictions for several reasons. The main reason is it gets exposed that it is not being operated fairly or legally. This has often involved the courts and in many cases fraud, bribery and other corruption charges or convictions. The reason it not being operated fairly or legally in Winnipeg and most places where is has not been shut down yet is because when it is operated fairly and legally there is almost no violations / revenue. The 3rd party companies like ACS / Xerox, Red Flex and others that operate them have shareholders and boards demanding profits.

These companies have to make sure the program also makes a profit for the political and officials they partner with or they loose the lucrative contracts. It proven that when operated fairly and legally it never makes a profit which was even shown in City of Winnipeg Audit reports.

The worst part is after the 3rd parties are paid and higher costs than expected many of which are not reported the photo radar programs costs tax payers money. This clearly shown when you include the higher court costs than expected due the large numbers of people contesting so many unfair or illegal alleged offences and other costs the City and Province do want to report. Traffic court in Winnipeg backed up 18 months due to so many contesting which is a breach of our Charter of Rights Section 11b (right to trial in a reasonable amount of time). The crown prosecutors have repeatedly stayed alleged traffic offences when the accused has raised this issue or tired to confuse the accused so they proceed any ways or bribe them with half off deal if they know operator of officer not attending.

The elected and appointed officials at the City and Province are allowing our Justice System to be abused to allow these programs to continue.
Crown prosecutors in traffic court are continuing to stay / drop alleged traffic offences when the accused well prepared with facts that prove this abuse.

The Crown is continuing to bribe the accused to change plea from not guilty to guilty with explanation and get half off. Officers, operators, crown prosecutors and JJP’s at traffic court have been caught lying on and off the record and no consequences. All of these are 3rd world behaviour and unacceptable. MB’s Selinger NDP Government amended the summary convictions act to allow officers or mobile photo radar operators to not attend trial but didn’t implement as it would surely be challenged in court and forced to be repealed.

There is also social impacts from so many members of the public abused on the road and in traffic court. Less or not respect for police and government and less co-operation with them which is essential in effective policing and governing.


Why has this abuse of the public in court, on the road and with tax payers funds carried on since 2003 when Photo Radar implemented and gotten worse recently?
Is it actually improving public safety as claimed?

WiseUpWinnipeg and other members of the public have raised these issues and facts for years and little to no actions.

Not enough of the public have been informed of the facts and many that have are ignoring it. It proven many people will ignore very negative information as a survival mechanism build into their genes. This especially true when it is direct or indirect abuse of the public by their own police and governments.

Our elected and appointed officials involved in the past and present want to save face and don’t want to admit they fell for the 3 parties false claims of revenue and safety improvements or have been ignoring the facts. Some may have been bribed which has been proven in court to have taken place in other jurisdictions with Photo Radar implemented by these 3rd party for profit companies.

WPS and City of Winnipeg are refusing to provide the Province with accurate and complete safety improvement stats annually as required by the Conditions of Authority amendments to the Highway Traffic Act. They have provided stats when pressured enough but only for fixed photo radar cameras and not mobile photo radar and they used WPS data and not the more complete and accurate MPIC data. More accidents reported to MPIC and they have stats for rear end collisions which proven to increase at intersections with red light cameras especially when amber time set lower than recommended or required in the HTA. WPS does not include these in their stats as they consider them outside of the intersection. This wilful inclusion and exclusion and manipulating of the data to allow the safety improvement propaganda should be considered a crime in it self.

What else needs to be done to help end this abuse and make those responsible accountable?

We need to contact our elected and appointed officials to give them the facts and impacts. We need to demand a formal independent investigation.
We need to demand the current and past contracts with ACS / Xerox be disclosed in full. There is strong suspicion and evidence from other jurisdictions that the contract has evidence that proves the motive is revenue and not safety. e.g. if they require approval of intersection infrastructure changes. Other cities have been sued by 3rd party photo radar companies for breach of contract for modifying infrastructure with out getting approval 1st. FIPPA request in Winnipeg to have these contracts disclosed were rejected on grounds it would affect ACS / Xerox’s competitive advantage or something along those lines.

Any current or past politician or official proven to be responsible for deliberately allowing this abuse or ignoring it should be fired without severance. If criminal convictions then they must face the courts consequences. We should also demand this include loss or reduction of their public pensions being including based on severity of crime. If this not possible then demand legislation to allow it and to make it retroactive. This will be a proper deterrent to better protect the public from this type of abuse.

The City and Province needs to sue ACS / Xerox whose false safety improvement claims and other unethical or illegal behaviour resulted in Millions of illegal offences being issued and 100’s of Millions collected. After ACS / Xerox paid the City gets 50% and Province 50% but after the higher costs then expected and hidden costs the progam and tax payers loosing money. The City and Province need to sue ACS for the revenue they were paid plus damages. Then they can refund the money from the illegal tickets to the victims as well as damages.

There is a lot more evidence available to prove this abuse and the impacts.

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  1. Terry lazaruk says:

    Hi last Saturday I saw a photo radar van parked by the school on st Matthews near Arlington why?

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