City of Ottawa committee suggests sticking to slow lane on photo radar to start

City of Ottawa council committee suggests sticking to slow lane on photo radar to start before expanding city wide.

Ottawa residents need to ask where their Mayor Jim Watson, Coun. Michael Qaqish and committee chairman Keith Egli got their Photo Radar safety improvement stats from that they quoting for Wpg, Cal & Edm PR programs.  These programs are operated by for profit Xerox / ACS whoes executives in parent campany have been charged or convicted of fraud, bribery and other corruption crimes as well as other serious issues.

The stats they quoted below sound an awful lot like the incomplete and inaccurate stats WPS provides City of Winnipeg when they feel like it instead of the more complete and accurate MPIC stats.  They required to provide these annually as per the HTA but dont always and when they do it not MPIC stats as they prove there is no improvement.   In many cases an increase in accidents if red light cameras used and amber times to short which is common where these camera companies operate.

Watson also made sure the motion directs any ticket revenue back to road safety programs, to avoid the accusation that the program is a “cash grab.”

** That impossible as Xerox / ACS get some of this and they proven to not care about safety or the public period.

Egli claims “data from the two-year school zone pilot is necessary to prove photo radar works, before diving in city-wide.  Staff already clsim they have a lot of data: they outlined Wednesday how programs in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Gatineau have led to drastic decreases in collision rates and fatalities in those cities.  In Gatineau, for example, collision rates dropped 58 per cent where permanent cameras were installed. In Edmonton, fatal and severe collisions dropped 32 per cent, and Winnipeg saw a 24 per cent drop in injury-causing collisions at its radar intersections.”

Does ACS / Xerox have these individuals in their pockets or believing the false revenue and safety claims they provided to officials in these cities that later proven false by City of Winnipeg Audit reports and elsewhere?

I hope Ottawa residents research the facts available and demand their Mayor and councillors don’t go down the hole that many cities in Canada and the US are finally digging themselves out of.  Usualy when forced to by the Federal Justice Department and local courts.

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Winnipegs new WPS Chief needs to be like the Ottawa Police Service Chief. Willing to say no to greedy councillors trying to tell then how to do their job and that they need more traffic enforcement. Good on him to put more officers where they really needed like serious crime including gang related and ignoring their threats to cut funding.

This Coun. Keith Egli who is the other Coun. asking for more traffic enforcement is the same one who was saying they needed photo radar even though the prov banned it. He was spewing false stats provided by ACS in Edm and Wpg.

Police chief declines to commit more officers to traffic enforcement

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