Thieves and what needs to be done to try and prevent theft and other crimes

Thieves and what needs to be done to try and prevent theft and other crimes

May 5 2016 – Kevin Yaworski

There is more and more posts on social media about theft and other crimes as social justice becomes for empowering and police become revenue focused and less effective.  We must becareful as these posts are often heresay but many sound genuine and enough to report to police.  They should know if plate or truck stolen etc….  If true I hope they get caught.

Beware aswell about leaving valuables in vehicles even if unattended  for short periods as some thieves using electronic methods to unlock cars and in some cases steal them.

If your vehicle has electronic locks check if it vulnerable and what steps you can take to prevent.  If you need to regularly leave it unattended with valuables and you can’t easily secure physically consider disabling electric locks and use manual. If you keep tools or other large valuables consider a van with cage and physical locks on back and side doors as well as access from passing area.

My mom’s car got unlocked this to steal disability pass and rifle through.  Would you believe they sell these and that scumbags out there actually buy them 😦  Addition driven maybe

Sad the direction society is taking and it will get worse if we don’t make fundamental changes to how the avg child is raised, child and adult education, general and mental health, crime prevention, enviroment, transparency in government and other important areas that will help society move in a positive direction.

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