Winnipeg Yellow Adequacy At Dangerous Intersections


Winnipeg Yellow Adequacy At Dangerous Intersections
May 4 2016 – Kevin Yaworski
Christian Sweryda has asked me to post this very important report about Red Light Amber times in Winnipeg that is attached. This important information about public safety was brought to the attention of several senior Politicians and senior officials at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba several years ago and several times since. They chose to ignore it each time.
Chris has spent a considerable amount of time researching this important matter, filling and reviewing FIPPA requests, contacting several officials at the City and MPIC, writing this detailed report and more. He is asking for nothing in return other than the City correct these serious issues and for your support in sharing this information.
Please read the report in full and if you see this as a serious matter please, share the complete post online and by work of mouth, take the poll below.  Also contact the Mayor, Public Works Chair Janice Lukes and your City Councillor and anyone else you feel is appropriate.  Ask them why this has not been addressed yet and what ever else you think is appropriate to tell them.
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Winnipeg Yellow Adequacy At Dangerous Intersections
May 4 2016 – Kevin Yaworski
Winnipeg Yellow Adequacy At Dangerous Intersections.pdf
This report covers the following:
All-Red Timing:
Yellow Timing:
Issues With The Highway Traffic Act:
Calculations For Winnipeg’s Most Dangerous Intersections:
The Costs of Short Ambers:
Some additional information I would like to include along with this.
The report does not include stats for all the red light intersections in Wpg and not all the 48 intersections with Photo Radar Red Light and Speed Cameras installed. These cameras are operated, calibrated and tested by 3rd Party For Profit Company Xerox / ACS who WPS, City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba have partnered with since 2003. They share the revenue from the tickets but higher costs than expected and several hidden costs are resulting in the Province and City (tax payer) losing money plus social impacts.
Well proven engineering standards and stats from Winnipeg and elsewhere prove short ambers overall cause accidents. Cameras generate about 95% more tickets / revenue due to the shorter amber time e.g Bishop @ River and Lag @ Grassie are 80k zones, have cameras installed and generate more tickets than most of the other 48 cameras (based on FIPPA request). Short Amber times at these 2 locations and the others not listed compounds the accident problem but not to the extent that it would put them on the list of most dangerous. Mainly because those intersections do not have high cross street flows.
These short amber times proven to cause more rear end accidents which has been documented as the primary type of accident. Senior officials at MPI are claiming its a result of driving too close. This appears to be part of a blame the drivers agenda but really it increases demerits, premiums and license costs which they obviously don’t mind or they would have addressed this serious issue of public safety.
An attempted coverup of the short amber time public safety issue was recently exposed and covered in several articles in the Wpg Metro. More info and related here:
Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds
Please take the following poll which I will post separately
What do you think about this public safety issue regarding Winnipeg’s 4 seconds amber time regardless of speed? You can choose more than one.
Short amber times are just another cash grab
Short amber times need to be corrected and a civil investigation required
Short Amber times need to be corrected immediately and a criminal investigation required
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Winnipeg Yellow Adequacy At Dangerous Intersections.pdf

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