What does it mean to be human

This is a draft of Part 1 of an application for a part time life writer. I was thinking about applying mostly for kicks. I usually write just to get things down while they are fresh in my mind and to refer to later if I need. It is usually quantity vs. quality but sometimes I go back and try and improve it or finalize it.

Let me know what you think? To deep? I know I need to add more humour.

What does it mean to be human

May 3 2016 – Kevin Yaworski


As a human I need to do certain things to ensure my physical and mental health.
One thing I need is a purpose. It proven if we do not feel we have a purpose we suffer mentally and physically.

It can be a simple purpose like serving customers or more elaborate but we need one.

I am a human and as such I am mostly driven by and a product of my genetics, environment and the choices I make. It is hard to ignore or change something that is instilled in me and has been evolving for millions of years. One of our primal purposes is simple, survive and help our species survive.

Broken down for many this purpose from a genetic perspective means survive, find a healthy and appropriate mate or partner, have or adopt children or help family with children, ensure they provided for, have what it takes to survive and help pass on the family genes.

Of course there is more to this and some exceptions. It is easier and safer for most humans to serve this purpose than ever before but our genes are slow to adapt and this plus recent social and societal changes has left many men and women struggling.

I believe one critical part required for bringing up successful children is a positive power relationship between the parent or guardian and the children. In families with two parents or guardians they need to support each other at least in front of the kids or this positive power relationship is lost or diminished. Disagreements in parenting style need to be discussed and resolved away from children. Usually a compromise or agreement is reached.

If this relationship continues without this support or agreement it can become a battle and one parent has to make a choice. Stand up for what they feel is best for the children or family and be the bad guy to the children and sometimes the partner or give in. Giving up the positive power relationship parents have does not help the children in anyway especially long term.

A parent can be the bad guy or give in for only so long and it takes a toll on the relationship with the partner and children.

If it continues the parent can feel like giving up completely on what they feel is best for the children or family or breaking up the family. Sometimes something happens and it probably those genes kicking in or reasoning and things are worked out for the betterment of the children.

Traditionally the father figure was dominant but not always. They were usually the ones that had to make difficult and hard decisions and if needed discipline the children. Roles were different in the past and in many cases have changed considerably in modern times. Are modern men, women and parents able to adjust to these roles and societal changes? Are children being prepared as well for being out in the world on their own as in the past? Are our genes changing fast enough to adjust?

I have 3 children and have been married for 16 years which a waiter during an anniversary dinner recently told us is longer than he usually hears.

I have been able to help provide for them and they are well on their way to being adults. I guess time will tell how successful and fulfilled they will be. It has been a journey of ups and downs with many more ups then downs.

Some species mate or stay together for life but are humans meant to do this? Again this is easier than ever in some ways as our species is far from being in danger of not surviving but why in at least western countries are marriages at best a coin toss?

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