What is driving positive change to how our food is produced and how some gave up waiting

Consumers, social media and food activists are starting to force more positive change to how our food is produced.

Many gave up waiting or see it as not enough and are growing or farming their own food.  Whether it be vegetables, herbs, fruit, chickens, bees and others.  Also more and more are doing it in urban areas.

McDonald’s, followed by Burger King, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Subway and other fast food chains have stated they will be sourcing more eggs from cage free hens.

McDonalds and several others changed their intention shorty after stating they would source more eggs  from producers using  “furnished cages,” which are bigger and nicer than the infamous “battery” type used for 90 per cent of the 40 million eggs laid in Canada every year.  It was a marketing decision originally and then after more pressure that furnished cages were not enough they went one step farther.

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