Conflict of interest and worse in Winnipeg and other cities with red light and speed cameras

Conflict of interest and worse in Winnipeg and other cities with red light and speed cameras

Apr 22 2016 – Kevin Yaworski

Find below a list of the 51 ACS / Xerox operated, calibrated and tested red light and speed cameras in Wpg.  This is a conflict of interest and worse.  Read below to find out why and some simple things you can do to help make our roads safer.
Share this on social media, email and word of mouth.  Contact 311 and others as per below to help fix serious safety issues,  bring positive reform including prevention and making those responsible accountable.

Many of these camera sites have signage missing or not as required by the HTA as well as shorter than required amber times which MPI data & FIPPA requests proves to increase rear end collissions and generate more tickets / revenue.

Several are at locations with speed limits lower than required by well known and used traffic engineer standards and lower than recommended by Wpg’s own engineer’s.  These standards created and tested to improve traffic flow AND safety.  Facts available that show what is happening in Wpg and other cities with red light camera companies is reducing traffic flow AND reducing safety.

Mayor Brian Bowman,  Public Works head Janice Lukes, Traffic Manager Luis Escobar, Minister of MIT and other elected or appointed officials ignoring requests from WUW and others for years to address these issues.

Please contact 311 regarding camera locations in your area and request adequate signage as per hta and amber times and limits as per north american engineering standards.  More info below.

Please contact your newly elected MLA, Premier and the Ministers of MIT & Justice, as well as the OAG, Mayor and Janice Lukes.

I encourage you to in your own words ask them the following questions:

Why the city and parliament didnt follow required due dilegence when ammending the hta for photo radar and when awarding contract to ACS in 2003 and each time they renewed contract since and when expanding

Why the above serious safety issues have been ignored every year since 2003 when raised by WUW and others?.  Except in a few cases with a few individual missing or improperly installed signs replaced or fixed and usually only after media reports on it?

Send them the files in links below about red light amber time issues.

Ask why they continuing to partner with Xerox / ACS after executives in their parent company and similar red light and speed camera companies charged or convicted of fraud, bribery and other serious crimes?

Why the conditions of authority ammendments to the HTA have not been followed properly since 2003 and not at all for mobile photo radar or only some times for fixed cameras?  Why where they not using more complete and accurate MPI data initially and now only using part of it and skewing the perspective to make AC$ Intersection $afety cameras appear safer then they are? Ignoring the impacts of a 50% increase in rear end collisions for 4sec amber time regardless of speed zone, slope and other factors. Why no safety improvement study or stats at all for AC$ mobile $afety Cameras or 30k $chool Zones and ignored study for them from Edm saying they didn’t, the drivers slowed down when well signed posted or children present, they gave false sense of safety to pedestrians so we’re scrapped.

Why in traffic court has the crown repeatedly stayed offenses when accused well prepared to contest? Why are they bribing with half off fine offers before or at trial which is 3rd world behaviour?  Why they not providing calibration and testing manuals when requested?  Why they have been caught lying about operator or officers being in attendence when offering half off bribe?  Why there is no consequences when crown, officers or operators proven to lie or commit perjury even when on the record?  Why JJP’s have sided with operators over city or hydro emails or photos proving missing signs, ignoring or misinterpreting sections of the HTA to allow conviction etc…?

Why is the public’s right under the CDN Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 11b being taken away with trials up to 24 months away or more ?    Why ammendments to summary convictions act made to try and remove more charter rights by not having operators or officers attend trial to be questioned about alleged offenses?

Why we have more tickets being issued and contested than other cities with much higher populations?  150k – 200k / year and 37k or more contested in a city of about 400k or less drivers. Ask them why a lot of these issues affect traditional traffic enforcement as well?

Ask if it has something to do with $$ millions being taken from drivers and vehicle owners, 50% skimmed off by Province, 25% to City / WPS and 25% to Xerox / ACS every year and after higher than suggested expenses and lower tickets it costs the city and province money as indicated in the cities own internal audit report? Or that when they operate it properly and legally it doesn’t generate enough tickets or revenue to pay ACS / Xerox?  Ask why it is actually losing money after all costs and impacts factored in due to much higher than expected people fed up and contesting and related costs not listed on annual reports like officer pensionable OT to appear in court and many others?

Ask if it also partly due out of control staffing levels, spending, salaries, benefits, and waste at WPS, City and Province and Provincial net debt over $22 billion and City’s at almost $1 Billion and the interest payments for this?

Remind them a recent detailed study by respected Fraser Institute said WPS one of the most over staffed and ineficient forces in Canada with the numbers showing 300 more officers than the Cdn avg per 100k population?  Ask why serious crime rates (violent and property) are continualy so much higher than most parts of Canada?  Why FIPPA requests show officers diverted from other units to traffic enforcement and millions on officer OT to do it?

If so did the public make the decisions that led to all this?  Should they be the ones to pay via these abusive and illegal programs and tickets?

Ask if this is why there is less respect and trust for police and government than in the past?  Why less cooporation of the public in assisting police?  Have they looked at the true costs and impacts of all this?  What the loss of millions every year since 2003 from the local economies and when extrapolated?

Demand an RCMP investigatin of who is responsible and what are the consequences going to be for those that allowed this or ignored it?  If needed a public inquiry but this may cost more and only offer recommendations.


See more info and links below the list

List of the 51 ACS / Xerox operated, calibrated and tested red light and speed cameras in Wpg.  This is a conflict of interest and worse.   More info on why is above.

** before some camera intersections listed below identifies just some of the ones most dangerous for rear end collisions when using accurate and complete MPI data (not incomplete WPS data) and or are the most profitable as per FIPPA requests.  These ones identified also are all 4 lane divided and should be classified as regional roads by all traffic engineering standards.  City Council and or officials at the traffic  department artificially lowered several of them to 50 kph against City Traffic Engineers and traffic engineering standards recommendations which proven to improve safety and traffic flows.  Some of these roads / zones also have signs incorrectly installed, missing or removed on purpose.  This well documented.  This plus the artificially lowered speed limit on some of them helps them be the most profitable locations but some of the worst for increased accidents as a result of the speed difference between drivers doing the lowered limit and what feels safe as per the.

Many of the following have artificially lowered red light amber times as mentioned above which is against some city traffic engineers and proven engineering standards.  It generates a lot more violations but increases the frequency of rear end collisions and injuries etc…

See CJOB article below for more info or other posts in WiseUpWinnipeg. Facebook Group

District 1

  • Northbound Isabel St. @ William Ave.
  • Eastbound Sargent Ave. @ Clifton St.
  • Southbound Donald St. @ Broadway
  • Westbound Notre Dame Ave. @ Sherbrook St.
  • Northbound Disraeli Fwy. @ Lily St.
  • ** Northbound Main St. @ Logan Ave.
  • Eastbound York Ave. @ Fort St.
  • Northbound Balmoral St. @ Sargent Ave.

District 2

  • Northbound Moray St. @ Lodge Ave.
  • Eastbound Portage Ave. @ Cavalier Dr.
  • Northbound Century St. @ Silver Ave.
  • Westbound Ness Ave. @ Whytewold St.
  • Westbound Portage Ave. @ Mount Royal Rd.
  • Eastbound Portage Ave. @ Dominion St.
  • Southbound St. James St. @ Ness Ave.
  • Southbound Erin St. @ Sargent Ave.
  • Westbound Academy Rd. @ Oak St.
  • Westbound Jubilee Ave. @ Cockburn St.
  • Northbound Pembina Hwy @ Bairdmore Blvd./Dalhousie Dr. (N. Leg)
  • ** Southbound Kenaston Blvd. @ Corydon Ave.
  • Westbound Grant Ave. @ Wilton St.
  • Northbound Pembina Hwy. @ Grant Ave.
  • Northbound Kenaston Blvd. @ McGillivray Blvd.
  • Eastbound Academy Rd. @ Stafford St.
  • ** Southbound Pembina Hwy. @ Chevrier Blvd.This camera also issues illegal tickets when turning right on red due to sharp angle of stop line and distance back from intersection.Mobile photo radar also like to sit on north and south bound Pembina south of Manahan in artificial school zone and lower speed limit then required / recommended.

District 3

  • Westbound Inkster Blvd. @ Airlies St.
  • Southbound Salter St. @ Mountain Ave.
  • Westbound Leila Ave. @ Sinclair St.
  • Northbound Keewatin St. @ Selkirk Ave.
  • Southbound Main St. @ Redwood Ave.
  • Southbound McPhillips St. @ Redwood Ave.
  • Northbound Main St. @ Inkster Blvd.
  • Southbound McPhillips St. @ Jefferson Ave.

District 4

  • Eastbound Talbot Ave. @ Watt St.
  • Eastbound Hespeler Ave. @ Beatrice St.
  • Southbound Henderson Hwy. @ Kimberly Ave.
  • Westbound Regent Ave. @ Owen St.
  • ** Southbound Panet Rd. @ Munroe Ave.
  • Eastbound Regent Ave. @ Madeline St.
  • Northbound Henderson Hwy. @ Gilmore Ave.
  • ** Southbound Lagimodiere Blvd. @ Grassie Blvd.
  • Eastbound Marion St. @ Dufresne Ave.
  • Eastbound Provencher Blvd. @ Aulneau St.
  • Northbound St. Mary’s Rd. @ Warde Ave.
  • Southbound Archibald @ Elizabeth Rd.
  • Northbound St. Anne’s Rd. @ Meadowood Dr.
  • Northbound Dunkirk Rd. @ St. Vital Rd.
  • ** Westbound Bishop Grandin Blvd. @ River Rd.
  • Westbound Fermor Ave. @ St. Mary’s Rd.


This CJOB article lists which red light cameras generate the most violations (most of which are illegal for many reasons). Most if not all have inadequate amber times and other serious issues.  Ignore the false article title and more drivel from Staff Sgt. Rob Riffel.  If you want facts stay as far away from this guy as you can and check NA traffic engineering standards and most other cities traffic engineering.

Amber times chart
Wpg vs. other cities

Short Amber dilemma zone

Short Aber time issue

Review speed limit signs and limits on certain roads


Related info:

For more info including suggested reforms see:
Demand they put a stop to this fraud and abuse in the guise of safety:

Winnipeg Yellow Adequacy At Dangerous Intersections

This very important report about Red Light Amber times in Winnipeg that is attached. This important information about public safety was brought to the attention of several senior Politicians and senior officials at the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba several years ago and several times since. They chose to ignore it each time.

This abuse has been ongoing since at least 2003 if you think about the fact that WPS, the City and Province didn’t follow due diligence, parliament and city procedures etc… when they amended the HTA and awarded contract to ACS without proper bidding process or consulting the public and many other issues raised by WUW and others almost right of the bat.

Then they slapped Winnipeggers and Manitobans in the face again when they renewed the contract after City of Winnipeg Internal Audit of Image Capture Enforcement (aka Photo Radar) identified several of the above issues and the fact that if they didn’t generate enough tickets it looses money.

For more info the depth of the abuse and the impacts:

Velocity of Money and the True Impacts of Photo Radar & other Abusive Traffic enforcement on the economy and public safety

What is even worse is the info in the Metro article on Apr 25 about cover-up of the City’s shortened red light amber times which is illegal and unsafe but generates $ Millions for ACS / Xerox, The City & Province.

For more details on this coverup and relate abuse and what can be done:
Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds at City of Winnipeg

For more info including suggested reforms see:
Demand they put a stop to this fraud and abuse in the guise of safety:

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