Warning you may find the following facts about Crime rates & Traffic Enforcement very disturbing and it may force you into taking drastic actions.


Warning you may find the following facts about Crime rates & Traffic Enforcement in Winnipeg very disturbing and it may force you into taking drastic actions.

The following are media reported facts obtained from City of Winnipeg annual reports and FIPPA requests regarding staffing and revenue from traffic enforcement and serious crime rates.

Estimate of revenue from Photo Radar for 2015 based on media research in June:
120k x $300 (modest as many higher due to double fine zones) = 36M
Plus record number of traditional enforcement.

To quote Todd Dube of WiseUpWinnipeg who recently said

“It works like this. The province gets 50% of the gross revenue. The city of Winnipeg and gets the other 50% however they pay ACS what equates to about 25%. So when you read that the City of Winnipeg made $14m last year – know that the money that left the pockets of Winnipegger’s was actually about $56m.”

Add in the revenue from unfair or illegal traditional tickets that often target locations with known deficient engineering.
Someone want to do the math for same for each year since 2003 (see image below from free press and sourced from city of wpg website) and then add in the extra court costs and related costs of 10s of 1000’s of fed up drivers contesting in court (many times more than other jurasdictions and much more cost than covered in built in court costs). Then extrapolate that to the cost impact to our local economies?

Here is serious crime info from the same police annual statements. Someone want to check other years?

8k violent crimes, 65% cleared (solved?)
27k property crimes: 16 % cleared (solved?)
Violent crime rating: Wpg 135 vs CDN avg 70

FIPPA requests have shown WPS diverting officers from other units to do traffic enforcement aka revenue collection even when they (i.e the public) need to pay them millions in OT. Worse yet we the taxpayer then need to contribute to their pension (if CSSB this about 8% plus defined benefit which is vested immediately when they start and life time after retirement).

The media recently reported the City says they need to hire 141 new full time employees many of which are higher paid spin doctors, managers and administrators and not front line service workers for departments like traffic engineering and others that actually can make the roads and public safer or service the public directly.

Do you want to see more officers in and staying in the serious crime units and getting more of these solved and more importantly prevented?

Do you want to see more front line workers and less higher paid spin doctors, managers and administrators?

If so contact the mayor, your councillor and the media to get them to cover this important issue of public safety and responsible staffing.

While at it ask why the city has almost $1 billion net deficit, down graded credit rating resulting in higher interest payments, overstaffed WPS as per Simon Fraser Institute study, much higher than avg serious crime rate. Also ask why they removed officer names from City annual reports of high paid employees and replaced with badge numbers. They better trained in self defence and should be accountable like other high paid public staff on the list, …

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Maybe this is part of it? That is no excuse for abusing the public and worse.
Police squads bracing for personnel cuts after federal program expires
A Chronicles of News for the Canadian Law Enforcement Community
Feb 22 2013 – Vol. 18 No. 8

Click to access BLNW_2013-02-22.pdf

There is much worse then this going on. View the video in the pinned post in the WiseUpWinnipeg Facebook group and read other posts. Search the group for “reforms” for more info and links to even more.

Demand a stop to this fraud and abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System in the guise of safety

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City traffic cops prey on drivers

City traffic cops prey on drivers



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