Class Action against ACS, Lockheed Martin, Gatsometer BV, WPS Chief, Jon Butcher, CoW, Gord Steeves, AG of MB, GoM, …

April 6 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg –

Filled by The Road Safety Awareness Group (RSAG), Gary. D. Lenko and … is from 2009 but the details in the statement of claim even if only some verified are very concerning.

This suit was seeking damages of over $400 Million and to shut down photo radar due to it being contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and other laws.

They state all evidence claimed in statement verifiable.

Queens Bench Winnipeg File No CI09-01
Statement of Claim

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I thought I knew a lot of the facts about this abuse but there is a lot of details in this that I didn’t or had forgotten. If verifiable as claimed is very damning e.g. Extent of corruption in ACS (now part of Xerox) & …, Gord Steeves confirming photo radar about revenue and …

Obviously the Queens Bench Judge didn’t allow this or another class action suit earlier that year to go ahead. Anyone know why?
MB Justice law courts archives may have answers.  Anyone familiar with the online system for this?

ACS also got contract for 311.  How much does ACS make off Wpg? Who is or has been in their pocket?

What do you think about all this?

A lot more evidence has been brought to light on ACS, WPS, CoW, GoM regarding  PR and related since 2009.  Time to finish what was started?

The Conservative Party of MB appears to be stalling on stating where they stand on PR.  Why?  They see a win in sight and are greedy so don’t want to loose the revenue regardless if it illegal?  Even if they did support ending PR will they make those responsible for starting this abuse or ignoring it accountable and pay the victims back?  Not likely.

Would you support a crowd source funded class action to force a decision in the courts and appeal all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada if required?

Doing this search gets some interesting articles.

Jon Butcher stating changing red light amber times would kill photo radar.

Jon Butcher

Now going by John Butcher to try and hide his past
Worked for WPS for 27 yrs, then consultant, lobbyist (paid by ACS) then ACS and now Gatso BV
Above Statement of Claim notes he previously was a contract administrator for CoW.

ACS Implements 311 Call Service for City of Winnipeg | Business Wire

And more …

Please read, answer the questions and share this on Facebook, Twitter, word of mouth and elsewhere. It is time to finish what was started.

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The International $afety Scamera industry is imploding

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Class Action against ACS, Lockheed Martin, Gatsometer BV, WPS Chief, Jon Butcher, CoW, Gord Steeves, AG of MB, GoM, …

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