Why many people plead NOT guilty to traffic offences in Wpg and help stop abuse of the Public, Public Funds and our Justice System


Here is some reasons many people are pleading not guilty to traffic offences in at least Winnipeg, and appealing if convicted.

If there is no change or the abuse we have documented on the road, at or before trial continues than class action is needed.  Or are we way beyond this already and class action needed?

Also find out what you can do to help stop this injustice and abuse of the public, public funds and our justice system.

Some Crown prosecutors, JJP’s, WPS officers and other crown witnesses have been caught lying off the record or committing perjury in at least traffic court but the JJP’s and those higher up let them off without even a reprimand.  Other examples of senior officers lying or covering up when other officers recorded committing offences or breaking procedures instead of disciplinary action. These are facts and several transcripts and other evidence available to prove these.

What happened to police and others of authority being held to a high standard? Even their Chief and higher up have outright lied or mislead the public about current enforcement methods (proven to be abusive and often illegal) and state it for safety improvement not revenue and then not report required safety improvement stats and include the revenue in their budgets.  We also hear from WPS and other public service groups if we don’t get x millions more than last year at budget time we will have to reduce services and lay off many staff and it will be a step back in fighting crime or services.  This threat repeated for several years now at budget time.

Yet verified stats in study from The Fraser Institute show WPS one of the worst over staffed & inefficient forces in Canada.  Similar for some but not all other public service groups or departments.  Then they ignore this and cut important programs like WPS officer body cameras that would better protect officers and the public from abuse and cut lower cost cadets instead of overpaid officers.

They also don’t fix known causes of overtime etc… They make other cuts to lower cost front line services instead of trimming bureaucratic waste and reducing top level wages and benefits to be more in-line with the the rest of the public.

WPS and some other public service groups not permitted to strike but either way arbitration allowed but they not forced to consider our governments (taxpayers) ability to pay, current net debt and interest payments or what current staffing levels are compared to the cdn avg / capita.

The WPS and other public sector works serve the public and use a collective voice through unions when bargaining for higher wages and benefits and the public needs to do the same with their voice as constituents and voters to force change.

This is unsustainable and it shows by the MB and COW credit ratings being downgraded repeatedly due to their respective $20 Billion & $1 Billion dept and plans to continue running deficits for several years.  This is billions and millions in interest charges that could be going to critical services.  Is this how you operate your household?

Contact your elected and appointed officials and candidates and let them know what you expect, why (this unsustainable, unethical, and in some cases illegal etc…) and ask what they can do to change this.  Share their responses.  Take other direct actions that can help bring change or at least create awareness.  For more info see other posts in this group. e.g. Search the Facebook WUW group using a web browser “abuse of the public, public funds and”

More info on the cause of high police costs and related abuse of taxpayers, drivers and the general public:



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