Trump, US politics and Facebook

Ok I have nearly hit my self imposed limit of my online activity for a week so here is a big post.  Good thing I type fast.

— Here is some of the stuff I have heard recently from friends personally about Trump —

“I got so upset following all the crap that Trump was displaying that I almost made myself sick! He is an evil lunatic & scares me to death! I cannot understand why so many Americans are voting for him. I think if he makes president that it will have a negative affect on the whole world. I hate the thought of a maniac having control of nuclear missiles!! It was so nice to see Justin Trudeau & his family having such a great time with Barrack & Michelle Obama at the White-house. It wouldn’t be the same with Trump I’m sure!! I seriously can’t stand that man!! We need to be seriously praying for our American friends!”

— Here is some of my thoughts about this and the upcoming US election —

I heard of some Facebook friends getting so upset from some of their friends posting stuff about Trump that they ask to be unfriended or just do it them selves. It shows how passionate some people are about Politics and about Trump. An actual discussion took place in the UK Parliament and probably others about whether to introduce legislation to ban him from entering the their Country. I think he loved the extra attention this got him.

I have several good American friends that I am grateful to have and some of them are also very passionate about politics and their rights etc… I think this is very healthy as long as it doesn’t get in the way of friendships. Yes there is often a difference between good friends and Facebook friends. This learned the hardway recently by a Tims roll up your rim $100 winner who posted a pic of the rim with redemtion code and one of her 900 Facebook friends redeemed it online before she did. You have to love the School of Hard Knox eh! Join the club as most of us have learned many things this way.

I read a post on Facebook along the lines of “It is nice when people unfriend me because of what I post. It is like the trash taking it self out”. I was sad to see friends behaving like this but maybe they were not very good friends.

Here is my response to my concerned friend above about all the Trump stuff they were seeing and hearing in the media.
I started to tune it out along with a lot of other media and news as it was just a waste of my time and brain power and can be unhealthy in many ways if we are not careful. If something is important we will hear about it the old fashion way via word of mouth.  I have not posted much about Trump till today after reading some things that stood out and hearing from the above person who was genuinely upset and very concerned.

I don’t think Trump will ever get voted in as President and I think many Republicans know this. I think winning Primaries and even becoming the leader of the Republican party are very different things to winning a Presidential election. I initially though it was a tactic of the Republicans to try and shift the center left to center etc.. to get more Republican votes (i.e. have a influential and famous person say extreme right wing things enough times and to enough people and you may start to shift what is considered center). Now I think it just his private agenda to gain popularity and attempt to be President but like I said I think that very unlikely. I think he using fear, lying and physiological techniques to try and get support.

It is not worth worrying about in my mind. I think there is enough people voting for the Decocrats plus if the young get out to vote like they did in the last Canadian Federal election it will swing it even more left as the majority of young voters in the US, here and most places are democrat / liberal. I could be wrong but if so is it worth worrying about? Myself like most people outside the US can’t vote so we can’t do much and it will sort it self out. Just my thoughts.

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