When is too much a bad thing?

This is a big post but there will be less posts from me going forward.   It is becoming more and more apparent to me and close family that I need to limit the time I spend reading news & info online and offline including social media.

Recent studies show many of us struggle with getting the right balance.  This partly due to as humans we are wired to pay attention to new info as it was essential to our ancestors for survival.  In modern times there is so much info available and easily accessible that we can get overloaded without realizing it or the impacts.

Also many of us want to share our opinions and feeling with others and social media etc… easily allows this but we often lose or limit the face to face or even telephone communications that have proven to be much more beneficial to ourselves and society.  The lack of sleep partly induced by too much artificial light causing reduced melatonin production and technology has cumulative negative effects on our physical and mental health.

These behaviors and effects start to have many negative impacts on our lives and family members.  I am going to stop being a hypocrite and take the advice I regularly give my children of limiting the use of screen time and will put my phone in the kitchen before bed like we require them to.  As well use the app I put on our  phones for tracking usage and limit to max 1 hr or less per day.

I will turn off all notifications on my phone excepts calls.  If I need to check I will go into the app and limit how often I check.  I will also look at scheduling internet and or wifi off on our router at bed time.  ** If you need to reach me do the old fashioned thing and call.  Not to sure how this will go down at work.  I will still need to check work email during the day but no need after hrs unless on call.  If I am needed they can call me.

I am going to take the recent advice of some good friends and my wife and limit my time spent reading or listening to news and info online or offline and make more effort to have face to face and telephone communication.   For family and friends afar this may include video calls which is screen time but of the better nature.

If there is important news it will make it to me via word of mouth.  This is how it used to be and yes things happened slower but I think we could all use a little slow down.

I may stumble and hope my family and friends can support me.  I used to spend a lot more time doing things with my kids and outdoors and take the easy route when they decline or I don’t feel like it.  It will do me good.

I have the final touches to do on the bathroom reno,  a few touchup mud & taping and painting jobs as well as material for a large deck project to start in spring to keep me busy for a while. 

Then if my wounderful wife honors our deal I will buy a motorcycle. Haven’t ridden in ages but miss it.   Assuming we have paid off debt from our last holiday to NZ and the renos.  Or maybe I save the money to build a double garage so I don’t have to scrape windows in the winter and the squirrels stop storing 100’s of pinecone in my engine bay  🙂

I admire those that find it easy to keep this balance and for those trying.  Keep it up.

So if you don’t see me online as much you know why but feel free to call.

About Kevin Yaworski

I use my blog to write about things that I think are a matter of public interest or that I think others will be interested in
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