Integrating muslim & other immigrant families has not been going very well plus Oaths of citizenship

Interesting article below on how integrating Muslim immigrants and their current and future children has not been going very well in Belgium and elsewhere and is part of the issue with radical Islamisim.
The article touches on some of the reasons why this occurs and I have a few more and what we can try and do to help.

We lived in London for six years till 2007 and we travelled to many European countries on our free time as well as Cyprus.  I became friends with a few muslim men while working in London and we lived next door to a muslim family with many children.  There is a lot more muslim people in general there than I see in Canada and the US.

These muslim friends including one originally from Nigeria we’re all very kind and generous to myself and others and generaly seemed like good people.  The only thing that concerned me was when talking about their father’s they rarely saw them growing up as they had many wives (up to 10 in one case).  We rarely saw the father of the Muslim family next door but I don’t know the circumstances so won’t assume.

I was fortunate to have a father and step father growing up and know this helped me a great deal.
My uncle Brian like many of my uncles was a great role model growing up and even more importantly when I was a young man after moving to Calgary.  I miss him and my step dad Dave a great deal and am so grateful for what I learned from them before they passed away.  Important things like reinforcing how to treat your wife, children and other people in general.

It is well known many muslim men have many wives and many of them and muslim women continue this even when they immigrate to countries where this is illegial.
If I never or rarely saw my father or uncles I would likely not be the same person and likely worse off for it. I can’t speak for my sister but would think she feels similar.

If young muslim men and women are not integrated well into our societies and do not have father figures I could understand how they feel left out and turn to those giving them attention.  Unfortunetly the extremists know this and prey on them.  Similar with children born in our countries if they not given the attention and opportunities they need to ffel like they belong.

I have read accounts from soldiers who have been sent to Muslim countries and put their lives at risk to try and protect some of the human rights they and we hold dearly.  These first hand accounts of abuse of women and children and other innocent people are more than disturbing.

We cannot allow this type of abuse in our countries and need to work with the international communities to stop and prevent it everywhere.

We need to reign in incompetence by hiring and compensating based on merit and performance not based on influence, nepotism or cronyism.  We need to reign in bureaucracy and other fiscal mismanagement, unethical influence  and corruption in our governments and other areas including corruption of foreign officials by our corporations.

This and other sustainable spending will free up enough money to help all the disadvantaged people in our countries including vets in need, homeless, muslim and other immigrant refuge FAMILIES that are screened properly and ones already here to help them integrate and feel welcomed.

We also need to remind them of our laws and enforce them including poligimy, child neglect or abuse etc….  If men or women do not follow these or other laws and are convicted of a serious crime they go to jail or are deported if not a citizen and safe to do so.  If not safe they go to jail until the international community helps these countries restore stability and safety of the public.

Let’s start with contacting our elected and appointed officials and let them know what we feel needs to be done.

Another thing I heard recently that I think is related and an important issue.  A soon to be CDN citizen recently said in writing he will be renouncing his required oath to our queen right after his ceremony since he said she has nothing to do with commiting to be a good and faithful “Canadian” etc..  He is using a court decision saying the Oath to the Queen is unconstitutional or similar.

I dont know about you but I think a big part of the reason Canada is the great  country it is, is due to the values the Queen and her common wealth have.
It is not and has not always been a perfect arrangement and has its flaws but would we have become the same great country without these?

I didnt have to give an oath to the Queen as I was fortunate to be born here.  When I became a Citizen of the UK I swore an oath of allegiance to god and the Queen and a pledge to the UK.
I think we need to keep the oath to the Queen for the above reasons, add a pledge to Canada similar to the UK.  The only part I am not sure about is the oath to god part.  I agree in having a belief in a higher power or supreme being so we can strive for greatness.  i.e Be the best we can be morally, ethically etc…

More info on Oaths and pledges of citizenship:

What’s the matter with Belgium?

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