Wars or battles against terrorism and radical fundamentalist groups

There is current and past wars or battles against terrorism and radical fundamentalist groups who use violence and other tactics to try and force and spread their ideals on others. 

It’s the hopelessness and feeling they can’t make a difference that leads many to not act on something they see wrong.  The Nazi and similar fascist movements in Germany, Japan and other axis countries before WWII are some of the many examples where the majority disagreed but waited too long to act and lost control to do anything once they were ready to act.

Thankfully in the case of WWII and others the international community that was not under the facists control took adequate action before it was too late for them as well.

Many millions of civilian and military lives were lost in WWII and others but freedom and human rights prevailed.  We must not wait to act when needed but must also find a balance to preserve our rights and Freedoms.

The key to this balance is transparency in our governments especially in politics,  policing and military and proper oversight for these, national security, foreign affairs and other important areas that can effect the respect, coordination and info we get from the International community.

Let’s continue to learn from these conflicts and try and find peaceful solutions but never wait too long that we loose control.

It came very close for countries like the UK and it could be argued that they didnt get occupied like most of Europe for the facts they had previously had an empire with colonies and resources around the world, we’re primarily an island country, we’re assisted by US, Russia, Canada and other countries with domestic and military supplies well before the Normandy invasions and probably most importantly Russia’s huge involvement and sacrifices with loose alliance with the allies when Hitler and the Nazis made it clear they wanted to conquer Russia before the UK. It could be argued that if the UK fell the out come of the WWII could have been very different.

I have started to go off topic due to my fascination with world history but will leave that for other posts.

Please feel free to comment on this or any of my posts. Discussion and conversation are important tools to get informed and see other people’s perspectives etc…

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