Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and accelerate the shift to renewables

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From: Kevin Yaworski
Date: Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 10:03 AM
Subject: Accelerate the shift and help Canada be a leader again in several important areas

Dear Honourable Minister,

Thanks for choosing to study in the areas you have, for choosing public service for our great country and especially for choosing a party that is committed to Canada once again being a leader in protecting the environment and other important areas.

I like many Canadian’s I talk to and hear from in other ways see an urgent need to speed up the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.  I can see from your public comments so far and from your experience so far that you have an open mind and are interested in hearing solutions rather than complaints.  Below I raise several issues and even more solutions and provided references to more info on these issues and solutions.

Reducing dependency on fossil fuels and accelerate the shift to renewables

As you know President Obama recently said a final decision was made on the Keystone pipeline from Alberta to Texas and it would not be allowed.  However he did not mention the pipeline was already in place from Nebraska to the Gulf Coast area of Texas where refineries are.  He also did not say America has already built the equivalent of 10 keystone pipelines since 2010 and neither did other important politicians opposing Keystone. This and the vast amounts of bitumen and other oil and gas being moved by rail now and planned shows how dependent at least Canada & the US are on oil.

I like many suggest Canada ban fossil fuel exploration, expanding production and transportation and tax breaks / subsidies for oil industry (IMF report pegs this at 34 billion) and encouraged the money saved on these and the environmental studies for them be spend on renewable energy technology and transmission lines (via tax credits and infrastructure investment).

When this done it would not take long before we have more clean energy powered, vehicles, businesses, homes etc… Then are dependence on oil would shift and all the health and environmental improvements this would brings plus the credibility this would bring us on the world stage including at the UN etc…

This shift has already started in several countries like Denmark with the ability to produce up to 143% of their power from renewable energy sources.  The excess sent to neighbouring countries with hydro power storage (pump up when energy available and release to produce again when needed).

We have lots of hydro facilities in Manitoba and elsewhere in Canada that could be easily modified to be used in the same way to store excess solar energy created during the day or when windy.  Also we already have gas powered secondary plants that produce energy during peak times if needed.  These could be modified to capture emissions some of which have industrial uses that do not impact the environment. Then these phased out as more renewable energy comes online.  This dispels the claim we can’t produce enough for the peaks.

Ontario plans to spend billions on renewing nuclear power plants that have already cost tax payers billions and the utility subscribers electricity rates are among the highest in Canada.   There is no economical and safe long term storage for radioactive spent fuel and this and the reactors at risk of disasters. Why not invest in safe renewables instead?  More info below.

What are we waiting for and why not speed up the shift?  If you agree please use your position and influence to move these ideas into actions.

Work needed in related areas to help combat climate change and reform government

Can you and our Education Minister and other related officials work together to correct the serious flaws and ethical issues in many environmental studies or assessments and independent university research that where ignored by the Harper Conservatives?   See link below.

Similar can you work with the Justice Minister and relate officials to expose unlawful or unethical lobbying of our Government by the oil industry and other for profit groups and corps that has occurred and put measures in place to prevent?

Exposing these and putting measures in place to prevent will go a long way in combating climate change, reducing impact on our environment, health etc…

Better unite Canadians and re-purpose our energy expertise.

Also the recent election results show a clear divide between the energy producing regions of BC, AB, SASK and Manitoba and the rest of Canada.  I have some solutions that help resolve this and reduce climate change at the same time.   See link below …uniting Canada and re-purposing our energy expertise:

References and more info below.

I look forward to hearing your responses.

Thanks again,
Proud Canadian Citizen

No to Keystone but not for 10 others and how dependent on oil we are:

Up to 143% of energy needs met by renewables:

Running out of nuclear options:

Wind and other renewable energy vs. fossil fuel energy and climate change:

Record 70% Avg voter turn out and now let’s focus on uniting Canada and re-purposing our energy expertise:

Largest Hurricane on record for the Western Hemisphere and experimental CO2 eating bacteria:

U of C and other “independent” research integrity compromised by interference from large oil corporations:

Stumbled on this and although it from may last year it really shows where the priorities were for the Harper Conservative Government and the things that haven’t got funded that need(ed) to be:

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