Post 2015 Federal Election

Now we wait to see if the change and promises the majority voted on are kept.  Our job as voters doesnt end after voting! 
When your elected MP gets to work make sure they are looking out for what is best for your riding and this country.  If not contact them.  On issues or bills important to you contact them to tell them why.  Learn more about bills and how your MP voted.  Contact them after they voti if needed.  Also don’t stand for the Senate stalling or rejecting bills supported by the commons without due cause.  E.g Bill C-518 to revoke pensions for politicians convicted of serious crimes.  Don’t EVER forget they work for us the people and it is our job to keep them accountable.

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I use my blog to write about things that I think are a matter of public interest or that I think others will be interested in
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