Largest Hurricane on record for the Western Hemisphere and experimental CO2 eating bacteria

Hurricane PATRICIA is a Cat 5 with max sustained winds of 325 km/hr making it the largest on record for the western hemisphere and possibly on earth. It is headed to popular tourist destinations in Mexico and some densily populated areas in land.

To make things worse they expect
6″ to 2′ of rain on top of storm surge and the current Ocean temperature in these areas is over 30 degrees C including the deeper water being stirred up which is normally cooler.
Even recent world wide ocean temperature range data show -2 to 28 C so this is off the charts.

Are all these things more indicators of average global temperature rise and climate change?

Scientist have discovered deep sea bacteria that consumes CO2 and are testing for use to combat climate change.  This sounds promising but are there risks this could get out of control and leads to an ice age.  Maybe safe if they use with CO2 capture systems vs in the atmosphere?

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