Do you think we should follow this traditional Chinese medicine principle that has existed for 1000’s of years?

This says you pay your Dr a small amount regularly to stay healthy and you stop when you get sick?

Apply this to the entire health care system so hospitals etc… are funded based on how many people they keep healthy in their area and Province etc….  Fund cancer and other disease research on how many lives they save and when disease rates go down.  I bet we would see a huge shift towards prevention instead of treatment. 
I bet this will lead to cleaning up our enviroment and food industry which is a big cause of illness and disease.  We will see Dr’s and healthcare in general promoting healthy lifestyle choices (diet and exercise etc…) over drugs and surgery in many cases which are often short term solutions and have side effects.

Of course not all can afford even a small amount each month so that is when the community helps support them for the betterment of the community and prevent them from becoming a drain on the system.

High poverty and low education etc… go hand in hand with health issues and have similar impacts and costs.  These could be handled in the same way.  Funding based on performance.  This can be for all Canadians including 1st Nations where the gaps are bigger and this is more desperately needed.  We can be a leader in the world in these areas instead of only looking at what others are doing.

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