What the heck! 80 to 120k+ severence if your fired (not re-elected) or resign while able to work?

That is what some Canadian politicians get. There should be no severence like the rest of us if we did same.  They already make more and have better pension than most.  Political Pension reforms planned don’t go far enough and not soon enough.

I know we want to attract talented leaders to represent us but this is going way overboard. They say public life is hard and it helps them transition back to private sector but many go straight back in at a different level or next election.

Maybe if they don’t want to get fired (not re-elected) then they should work harder to gain the publics trust and respect. When is the last time your MP or MLA or City Councillor came to your door or contacted you or someone you know to ask what your areas needs where etc…



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