Record 70% Avg voter turn out and now let’s focus on uniting Canada and re-purposing our energy expertise

Way to go Canadians for your record voter turn out.

I see the election map of Canada as mostly red except the majority of AB & SK as Blue a divided Canada. Lets fix this divide. This election was about a lot more than just lowering taxes for the middle class (the majority of Canada) and raising for the wealthiest 1% and the record voter turn out and decision prove this.

I feel for my friends & family in AB and all those impacted by low oil prices.

I hope the liberals, all MP’s and the Senate will support investing in job creation as all parties promised especially in the areas hardest hit by economic down turn. If not we all need to contact them and demand it. Together we have power to force positive change and this election proved that.

If the majority of Canada & the world sees fossil fuel production & use as unsustainable and detrimental to our and the planets health let’s support AB & SK and other oil & gas producing regions that have helped support Canada for many years via equalization payments.

Its time to take advantage of the energy expertise in these regions and invest in renewable energy projects and companies etc… Give tax breaks to these companies until they are established and creating jobs etc…

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I use my blog to write about things I find interesting or that I think are matter of public interest.
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