Waze Social GPS Maps, Traffic and Radar Trap App

Large established user base in many large cities.  Gaining more users in Winnipeg and others.

Be sure to repost radar trap locations if deleted by cash grab officials; officers ACS & CoM / CoW or other 3rd part For Profit $camera operators in your City.

Here is link to Android version.  Hopefully there is a IOS version as well.


Be sure to also post or repost radar trap locations on the WiseUpWinnipeg & Check Stop Winnipeg Facebook pages (12k members and growing rapidly) or similar for your City or area (obviously not while driving)

Want to learn more about the abusive, unfair and illegial $scamera program and related $erve & collect revenue generation schemes being used by our MB Gov, City of Wpg including City Council, WPS, & their 3rd party For Profit partners ACS & CoM / CoW $camera operators under the proven false guise of improving safety?

Other Cities and Jurisdictions around the world have similar abuse issues and many due to being targeted by corrupt corporations and executives who bribe or lie about safety improvement and or revenue generation. Several criminal charges and convictions have occurred.

To get involved and or learn more see the WiseUpWinnipeg Website http://WiseUpWinnipeg.com and Facebook group or similar for your city or area for planned events, how to contest unfair or illegal traffic tickets and more.

Fraud and Abuse of motorists and our Justice System and a rough guide to contesting or appealing unfair or illegal traffic offenses

Class action law suit against City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba

Interim location for the 2 Blog posts above:
Whats Up
Whats Up – https://keviny1.wordpress.com

This temporary until the WUW site back up after it was hacked by those standing to lose out if more people read the comments from 500 + people abused by these programs and in traffic court etc…

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