Trudeau outlines what 1st 100 days of liberal gov would look like and some of what the PC’s have said or done.

I am not sure I like idea of more deficits and not paying off any net debt even short term but the PCs haven’t said they would reduce net either. We waste so much on interest.

However I like the promises to meaningful discussions and research on rapid climate change and policy, improving education and quality of life for 1st Nations (as long as there is transparency on funding use and performance) and less tax for the middle class. When I bother to look at my online paystub especially YTD Income Tax @ end of Dec I get very upset about poor value for money especially in Manitoba. MB has the second highest provincial income tax in Canada.

These sound like vote worthy promises if they can be trusted to follow through and arent stopped by partisan politics / minority gov or corrupt Senators. I haven’t forgot the PC’s robo calls & election fraud with slap on the wrist fines and being frauded by their appointed senators and attempted cover ups etc…

Lastly I don’t think marijuana use is a healthy choice except in extreme medical conditions like chronic pain relief where no other method is feasible. I do think it should be regulated for the sole purposes of taking money away from organized crime and controlling THC content which is up to 400 times higher than in the past. Worse yet a natural component in it that counteracts the destructive brain effects of THC is reduced equally when breeding higher THC. This can have a huge negative impact on mental health especially in youth or those more susceptible to mental health issues.

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