Why are unsafe oil extraction methods allowed when there is huge surpluses of oil.

Why are our governments allowing hydrolic fracking and other oil extraction methods which are known to have serious environmental & health impacts when there is huge and growing stock piles of un-refined oil? It will only get worse when China & other countries stop adding to their strategic oil reserves and they plus speculators run out of places to store it.  They have already driven oil storage and oil shipping costs sky high as they are using these to store oil until the price goes back up.  This could be several yrs.

These unsafe extraction metods have already been banned in some areas or not allowed to expand in others but why not stop it everywhere and only allow safer extraction methods?  I know lots of jobs and economies need to be considered. Why not give tax incentives to companies switching to developing renewable energy?

Also why is this not an election issue for any of the major parties?  We have to demand it.  Are these companies strong supporters of these parties?  If so should companies dictate election issues or voters?  We need to contact are elected officials at all levels involved and demand this and let candidates looking for your vote know.  We have a responsibility to the enviroment, our children and future generations.

If you agree with this then I encourage you to support a party that does as well.  Even if they do not get enough seats to form a government if enough people vote the seats they do get will allow more influence and pressure on the new government.

If it looks like your vote won’t count consider last election there was more partnering / vote swapping then ever.  For more info look for a relavent site.  Eg vote swap Canada 2015 fb page or

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