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Fraud and Abuse of the public, public funds and our Justice System and a rough guide to contesting or appealing unfair or unlawful traffic offenses

Draft – Please read to find out how this affects a lot more Manitobans than just some motorists and then do some research and take this poll. ———- As you read this it will become clear how we are … Continue reading

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Go the Fu*k to sleep – There is a sharp rise in kids and adults with sleep issues

A humorous Adult Book: Go the Fu*k to sleep*k+to+sleep More and more parents are treating sleepless kids with melatonin or other medication. Is this only a band-aid / quick fix and is there under-lying issues? Some kids may have … Continue reading

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In Globe debate, leaders ignore Canada’s No. 1 resource: water

From The Globe and Mail: Via The Globe and Mail’s Android app

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Why are unsafe oil extraction methods allowed when there is huge surpluses of oil.

Why are our governments allowing hydrolic fracking and other oil extraction methods which are known to have serious environmental & health impacts when there is huge and growing stock piles of un-refined oil? It will only get worse when China … Continue reading

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A New Apps Shows You How Addicted You Are To Your Phone

Good for kids to.   Tried it with ours and helps the them see for themselves with no nagging.  Just tell them no pausing or force quit but at least the app notes when this done.  There is several similar apps … Continue reading

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Help create a national park in BC’s South Okanagan Similkameen

For my CDN readers please support this initiative.

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