Judge see’s past photo radar corruption and sides with driver

This is long overdue in Winnipeg. Hopefully this sets a precedence and is the start to this scam being stopped by scrapping the program or fixing this and other issues they using to generate revenue.

Here is the info from a post on Wise Up Winnipeg’s Facebook page.  Like them to read the comments.  This is a big decision.

“I am so pleased right now that I need to share why!

I just got out of having to pay a $200 photo enforced red light ticket!!!!! Yay! I argued that the amber light wasn’t long enough at 4 seconds for my speed (78 km/h in an 80 zone). The judge (although he had to charge me guilty of the offence) agreed with my reasoning and said so. I didn’t get charged a dime!

Thanks Chris @WiseUp Winnipeg for your help!

“I entered the intersection .44 seconds after it turned red. Didn’t even try to stop with 3 small kids in the car. Explained the 10m per second generally accepted stop time/distance and my distance away from the light after it turned to amber based on my speed.

The judge tried to tell me the ambers are 6 seconds and then I proved they weren’t based in the caption on the bottom of the photo the crown provided as proof! Ha!

Judge said he had to find me guilty as the proof was in the photo but he did not think 4 seconds was enough time to stop at my speed and he went against recommendation from the crown (who wanted to charge me for the full ticket) and gave me only a reprimand instead. No fine. No demerits.”

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