Alternative products and energy that do not rely on oil or other unsafe materials

Irony is watching Seattle enviros protest oil... in Kayaks made from Oil

The Irony in this photo and it’s comments is so true but it goes much deeper.  They like so many of us proably use shampoo, plastics including micro beads, clothing etc… that are made from or contain oil or the byproducts of refining oil into fuels.
I am not sure the environmental group posting this photo originally has our and the environments best interest in mind.

Maybe instead of making fun of the activits they should be helping educate them and all of us on where Oil and byproducts of oil refining is used and how this is negatively impacting us and the enviroment and proposing solutions.

Are governments and companies investing enough in developing alternative products that do not rely on oil or other base materials that are known to have huge negative impacts on our health and or the environment?
Products that are recyclable, safe for the environment when made, used and recycled?  Ones that do not cost a fortune over oil based products etc….

This is made difficult by how closely tied oil production, consumption and use currently is to health of many economies and global financial stability.
The more safe alternative products available the harder it will be for oil companies to find uses for oil and the many by-products of refining oil for petrol and other fuels etc…. The same goes for companies selling or using other unsafe materials or energy sources.

We all need to do our part and push our elected and appointed officials to support alternative green energy sources, projects and productst that are safe for us and the enviorment.  We all need to only buy what we require and look if there is a safe alternative already available when making purchases of these types of things.  We need to also push our officials and media for proper scientific research, education and unbiased reporting on these important matters to move us forward in the right direction.

Huge cut backs to scientific research and conservation staff in Canada and elsewhere is not the right approach.  We need to demand better and more effective measures from our governments via our elected and appointed officials.

When prices were higher for oil and related products there was more money being spent on renewable energy projects and products but this has slowed somewhat with low oil prices.

Even though I think most governments waste a lot of money and therefore have to collect a lot more taxes than they need to maybe more tax on unsafe products and energy sources would help move away from these.  This is on the condition that legislation put in place so these taxes be put in a dedicated fund and only used for environmental conservation, recycling, safe renewable energy research and projects and other safe green initiatives.

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