Uber, mini cabs and safely using your credit card

I was disappointed we could not use Uber to get a cab home from a fundraiser dinner last night.

We were on hold for a regular cab for a while and eventually got one. When asked, the cabbie said he would prefer to work via Uber but that it was illegal in Winnipeg. He said he was just the driver and the cab owner paid 1 time cost of $500k for taxi license.
I believe this $ goes to MPI or another part of MB gov. I want to find out if this info correct and any more info.

I believe we should have the option to choose traditional regulated cabs or services like Uber if they can verify their drivers have recently passed criminal record check and vehicle safety check.

This alternative type of Taxi was available to us through multipe “mini cab” companies when we lived in London (2002-7) and maybe earlier. Some where more reputable than others including some used by my employers but almost all substatualy cheaper than the more regulated “Black Cabs”. There was some risks like the driver may not know the city very well.  This risk is less of a concern these days with GPS navigation.  Uber and similar services are available there now and many other large cities.

Uber’s founder or … has publicly said they will and have paid legal costs for their approved drivers in …. if they charged with operating without valid regulated taxi license.

I emailed Uber today asking what can I do to help get their service as an option in Winnipeg other than post on my Facebook, Twitter and blog.

I will email the Mayor, my city councilor, MLA and MP to ask their opinion and ask what they can do to help change this.

On a separate note I think I will ask bank for 2nd credit card with smaller limit just for apps / sites like this etc…

When I tried to check for cab last night with Uber app for Android it required entering credit card.  I thought it would be better if I could enter after but they need to verify you to prevent fake calls. The app appears to be using secure data transport with reputable secure cert so figured I could trust and assumed I could remove cc after.  I was disappointed I could not remove without emailing them so I said”
“Please remove my credit card info and account. I was not able to do this my self from the app or website which is against CDN data protection legislation.

Please update your app and website to support users removing their account and or cc info and I will consider joining again.  Some banks and many other companies have said they secured their clients data but where hacked and this data stolen.

I am an IT Infrastructure Specialist of over 15 yrs and I often see how unsecure systems really are so I mostly only use services that I can remove cc info after I use it, that is not stored after use and that I can delete my account if I decide to.  The exception is a few trusted utilities with auto payment and the bank I have chosen but I know I am better protected if fraud takes place.

Let me know when Uber can meet my requests and I will join again. I don’t mind entering my cc info each time I use it.


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