In our memories!!!

I was fortunate to have two dad’s since I was about 3 and they have always been there when I needed even as an adult.   I have learned a great deal from both of them and I will be forever greatful.

I am very sad to say that I lost my step dad Dave on Mar 7th.  He was taken from us by Pancreatic cancer that was only diagnosed on Jan 28th.  There was no symptoms till a bit of a cough started in Dec and got worse in Jan.

He didn’t want us to make a fuss and only had a few simple wishes while he was ill and for after he passed.  This included a short list of who to let know of his illness and passing.  I share this now to let my friends know of my loss and as a warning.

Not much is known about this silent and agressive cancer.  Smoking is 1 thing suspected to cause or contribute.  If you smoke please quit for yourself and others.  The sooner the better.  My dad quit over 15 yrs ago but that may have not be enough.  I hope cancer research can advance sooner than later so this type of cancer & others can be prevented and detected earlier to allow treatment.

He will always be remembered.

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