Time for Winnipeggers and other Canadians to take more action to make Winnipeg and Canada better places to live, visit and invest in

Racism is not at its worst in Winnipeg ‎as the controversial Macleans article (linked below) tries to imply but there is a lot of room to improve on this and other important issues.

Wheeler from 92 Citifm did a great job in his interview of the author (linked below) to clarify the facts in the article and questioning her on the title.  She should have done this and included the fact that 80-90% of violent crime in Wpg happens in an area covering less than 10% of the city and most of this crime is not racism related.

These are real and complex issues that need more than just throwing more money at.  Thankfully the City, WPS, MB Justice and CFS as well as the CDN Gov in the last year are seeing this.  They are now taking different and combined approaches as well as giving them higher priority.  This collaboration needs to be expanded to include other agencies involved at all levels of government and NPO’s involved as well as be led by the federal government.

This needs to be a priority for many years as it will take generations to change what has taken generations to create.  Generations of poor education, health and well being for many aboriginal’s and often substance, mental and or physical abuse etc… has put many aboriginal’s at a real disadvantage physiologically.  This has the most impact when this occurs in pregnant women.  The stats in the article and elsewhere about this paint a clear picture of the results of this.

Those that are better off should not take for granted some of the basic things that have helped them get there and try and do what they can for those at a disadvantage from not having them.

The recently introduced changes for better transparency in funding and spending not just for 1st nation bands but for other uses of public funds will help.  This needs to be expanded and funding based on performance should be a must for many areas like Health, Education etc….

If this is important to you please contact your City counselor, MLA, MP and their leaders to demand these issues stay a priority and that your tax dollars be spent this way.

The future has to change to make Winnipeg and Canada better places to live, visit and invest in and collectively we can make a difference by using our right to vote to encourage or demand our elected officials do what is right for ALL canadians.




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