Fusion – the way to new energy

Fusion reactors could be the main energy source of the near future. To put it simply they have the potential to produce energy the way the sun does and with a bathtub amount of fuel powering an entire city for years with little to no waste or contamination.

Lockheed Martin and other companies are working on small fusion reactors that can go in ships and eventually smaller vehicles but some say 3 -10 years away.

There is some Canadians working on smaller fusion reactors but I don’t know if they have received any funding from the Harper Government. One example is Burnaby, B.C.-based General Fusion.

ITER is a multi-billion dollar international project by the US, several EU countries, Japan and others to design and build an experimental fusion reactor based on the “tokamak” concept.

Expensive and slow moving project but
potential to change the world and ease the transition away from fossil fuels and other none sustainable or harmful energy sources.

Why isn’t Canada involved in this? It was when fission reactors were being invented. Probably same reason why we are falling behind in the sciences in general. Lack of funding in general and cutbacks by the Harper government.
Also there willingness to let big oil and gas destroy the environment with the tar sands and fracking with little to no royalties or tax revenue from this activity going to renewable energy development, conservation funds or rainy day funds. We need to not only follow countries like Norway which has saved billions in funds like this for the future but be a leader.

ITER – the way to new energy http://www.iter.org/

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