Why Root Canals maybe unsafe

This article talks about studies showing a chronic problem of high levels of bad bacteria hiding in the areas of root canals that the bodies immune system can’t reach.

This apparently increases the risk of disease in other areas of the body. There needs to be more studies to confirm this or not but the Dental associations are adamant they are safe. Is this because they make so much money from these procedures?

I thought our mouths have a mix of good and bad bacteria and this balances itself but maybe this is not the case. I had a cracked filling on top of one molar and waited to long to see the dentist. Over time it got tender to chew on that side and eventually a little painful and then very quickly extremely painful.

The dentist showed me the xray and said liquids and food were seeping through the small crack in the filling and eventually caused an infection in the tooth. It spread to the root, eventually stopping blood flow and killing the tooth. Then the infection spread into my jaw and even some of my sinuses. This explained being stuffed up and congested almost all the time. My dentist did a temp filling to stop fluid and food seeping in which stopped the pain and refereed me to a specialist for a root canal.

After the root canal, a crown and a few weeks the congestion problems went away and a follow up visit a few months later for xray showed the infection in the jaw and sinuses had cleared up. Now it is just a matter of having the crown checked during checkups to make sure it still sealed. I cant recall if they offered any other option.

This would have been prevented had I brushed and flossed better before the filling was needed and same if I started after or went to dentist when it 1st got tender.

‎Why a Root Canal is a Dangerous Dental Procedure

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