Interestin​g Lifestyle and Healthy Living articles

I was reading the globe and mail this morning online and found these very interesting.

Some may not apply to you but may for a friend or family member.

Decoding dementia: Knowing the cause can help you plan for the future

Debunking the myths and hype surrounding menopause – and so-called remedies

To smoothie or not to smoothie: What’s the best food before a training run?

Constant craving: What you should know about your caffeine addiction – and your kids’


Also here is some info about relieving or preventing wrist pain or injury
If you use a computer and mouse a lot you may be interested in this.
A friend just showed me their vertical mouse and said it really helped relieve wrist pain etc…Here is 2 they recommend and have used but there may be others. htm
– 3M vertical mouse (looks a bit like a joystick).  Staples might carry this on.

If you want to see if this helps you can test with normal mouse by just twisting your wrist away from you when not moving the mouse and put back down.  If it feels better when vertical you know it will help.

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I use my blog to write about things that I think are a matter of public interest or that I think others will be interested in
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