Listening to The Vinyl Cafe on Sunday nearly brought tears to our eyes and …

My wife & I really enjoyed The Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio Sunday morning while we drove with our children to my sisters cabin for thanks giving dinner with her family & several other family members. Which by the way was a great time.  Thanks again to everyone who helped out.

On Sunday’s show Stuart McLean was calling people who were nominated and chosen for a 2010 Arthur award for acts of kindness… We only caught the last 2 stories but he asked them about what they had done and in both cases the person nominating was called before or after and in one case conferenced in for a reunion.  It nearly brought tears of happiness to us at one point & did for one recipient.  I agree that more kindness & positive behaviour needs to be shared in conversations & in the media everywhere rather than the much more common opposite.

"I contacted this show to thank them and included a summary of above plus:
"I would like to thank Stuart & all involved at the Vinyl Cafe & CBC for a great show.
I also shared this as a reply on
I heard about this on the radio & I mostly listen to CBC.
Please mention this page on your site and on your show.
Keep up the fantastic work.  I have lived & travelled in several parts of the world and nothing comes close to your show.  This is one of the things that is helping show the true spirit of many Canadians and why Canada is a great country to live in.  The more people making a positive difference like this in the world the better."

If you want to nominate someone for an Arthur award and or learn more about this award & show here is some info and visit these pages:
The Vinyl Cafe Arthur Awards recognize small, everyday acts of kindness that too often go unappreciated.

Click here to download the latest Vinyl Cafe podcast. You can listen on your computer or on your MP3 player. 

Why don’t you share a positive story as a reply on

Or the response you get when you ask a stranger in line etc… this question.

Have & fantastic day and remember we have choices in almost every thing we do or feel including who we are being.


Respect & learn from our elders.  They are often a wealth of knowledge & experience that is overlooked these days.  It should be embraced while it is strong in their mind as to often it is lost as they grow very old.  Share this with your & the communities children & grand children.  This is one of the keys to their future and remember some of these children will be our future leaders in government and large companies and will hopefully make the right decision to help take care of us when we all get old.


It is ok to be “in your cave” aka moping around, grumpy, keeping to your self, etc…  The power is in knowing you are there and that you have a choice …


Some say the more you put into life the more you get out.
Sometimes this is easier said then done 🙂

Once again choices…

What does p.s. mean and is p.s.s. ok to use etc…?

Feel free to add your comments here.

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