Should more Winnipeggers embrace & support more bike paths & walkways?

The city of Winnipeg got several million from feds for green projects (bike & walking paths or upgrades) but they must be finished before spring but this construction season ends before winter.  Apparently many of the residents & businesses affected mostly ignored public consultations & now are freaking out because of the changes & claiming everything has been rushed.

Are these people thinking long term?  Is what we are doing sustainable?, could this help fight the apparent trend of more and more over weight and diseased Winnipeggers?  Yes the city may have been able to try harder to consult the public and maybe they could have done some of it differently but I think they did reasonably well with the time frame involved.

I have cycled to and from work & else where lots here & when living abroad and enjoy it and all the benefits to me & the environment.  Look at places like Belgium & even Montreal for that matter and are we way behind?  I think so!  I solute the City of Winnipeg officials involved for stepping up to the challenge and doing what I feel is right.  I think this is one big step towards Winnipeg being a leader and not playing catch-up in something that can make a different to this great City and many people in it.

What do you think?  Add your comments.

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