Is belief in a God (or a higher spiritual power) a requirement for morality and personal integrity? and is there other things to consider in this question?

Lately I have been thinking about this and reading a bit about some of it and wondering.  Part of this probably has to do with sub consciously thinking about what is happening in the world and what it will be like for my kids in the future and for my grand children when I get them (hopefully not for quite a while 🙂 and their kids and future generations.

Is a higher spiritual power a requirement when defining morality and a sense of right and wrong?

If so, with out this requirement would humanity slowly slip into an existence of less and less morality? Has this already started to occur?  Or has it gotten better from the distant past but is starting to get worse and is constantly changing over time.  For example in medieval times it did not appear life held as much value as it does today.

Without a belief in a Supreme Being (or higher power) is it less clear what is right/wrong, or what the true consequences are to ones actions, and is one less likely to hold to their word…, does this make their character suspect?  From what I have read this is what some freemasons believe in and that the interpretation of what this Supreme Being is and what they believe in is largely up to the individual and not permitted to question.  The main religions and freemasonry and some belief systems rooting in a higher power to hold ones self to, have survived a long time.  Would something survived this long without having some merit to it?

Do our genes control more of this then we realize?  Do our genes have an impact on how our conscience is developed and works?, or is our conscious purely affected by our environment as we grow up and mature and live.  If our genes do have and impact does natural selection factor in to this and slowly over time our morality has changed based on what is accepted in societies.

If so what if the mutation of genes due to exposure to toxins and other environmental issues affects some peoples ability to choose right from wrong?  What if this is slowly destroying humanities ability to always choose right from wrong.

Whether genetics impacts our conscience or not does the written word of God or other worshiped figures elevate ones ability to be moral and ethical … far above mere conscience as it instructs us in much greater detail what is good and right and loving and kind and ethical and moral and also explains why?

What do you think?

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