Is the Manitoba Legislature a sacred building created to Honour Humanity and impress ideas and thoughts upon the people?

Is it encoded with powerful Masonic images intended to guide, direct, shape and inform the lives of the people who act as our representatives in government?  If so maybe they are not spending enough time there!

A friend of mine in England told me about the freemasons a few years ago including how in medieval times their order were the first bankers. Non-warrior members of the Order who managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom, innovating many financial techniques that were an early form of banking

I found this and other information about them very interesting and recently became very intrigued about the hidden Masonic symbolism in the Manitoba Legislature and Freemasonry in general.  This recent spark came after a friend here in Winnipeg told me how amazing “THE HERMETIC CODE” tour was that he went on this summer and showed me the accompanying  book.  Both are done by Frank Albo.

I wanted to go on this tour yesterday which was the last one but didn’t have time.  If you are interested in going let me know.  Hopefully he will do more next spring or summer.

The rest of his conclusion:

The building is a statement about hopes and dreams, history and culture of Manitoba as told through symbolic metaphor, ancient ideology and Masonic philosophy. The message hidden in its masonry is multi-layered and employs symbolism in a context, which is not only remarkably intelligent but hidden in plain view.

This appears to be more fact then fiction and pretty amazing stuff.  In my time living abroad & traveling I have seen some pretty interesting stuff and it turns out the most interesting may have been right in my back yard the whole time.  Stay tuned!

More detailed info: Masonic Interpretation of the Manitoba Legislative Building

More info on Freemasonry

Check out this video: Hidden in Plain View

Additional Videos here and on Franks Albo’s website linked above.

Is this just a war mural in the Manitoba Legislature, or does it actually depict the Passion of Christ? We meet the man who says the Manitoba Legislature is actually a replica of King Solomon’s Temple. Has he really uncovered Winnipeg’s Arc of the Covenant?

Based on the book ‘THE HERMETIC CODE’ by Frank Albo:


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