What are your thoughts on adolescent fashion statements to rankle adults! & Parenting?

What are your thoughts on adolescent fashion statements to rankle adults! & Parenting?

May 11 2010 – Kevin Yaworski


Do you think it is acceptable for a parent to accept attitude from their child like:
– Asking your child to go get something or put something of theirs away and they say “you got arms you do it”

– Schools calling home saying your child is not showing respect in class.

– Sleeves that are too long and get dragged in food when eating and continue to get worn day after day even when dirty or worse yet stop your child from grabbing a railing when they slip on the stairs etc…

– Shoes not tied that cause your child to throw a shoe in the air while at a indoor soccer practice or playing soccer for fun with friends or worse trip when running out of the way of a car and getting hit etc…

If young children are behaving this way what will they be like when they are 15, 16 and 17 or older?

What’s next baggy pants.  Low-slung pants, which droop below the hips and expose underwear and more.  These are the latest in generations of adolescent fashion statements to rankle adults.

There have been reports of instances of baggy pants getting caught in escalators and causing emergency stop buttons to be pressed resulting in everyone falling and many getting hurt.  Is this being over cautious?

Is there more worrisome things to consider with this behaviour?

There is a movement generating momentum to take action against this behaviour.  It is fuelled by growing worries among lawmakers that sloppy dress by today’s youth could be related, no matter how indirectly, to delinquency, poor learning and crime.

“If we have kids going around wearing pants below their butts, it’s not nice, not decent,” says a city commissioner.

“If you ask six of these kids, ‘What are your grades?’ four will tell you they’re making C’s, D’s and F’s. I see how senior citizens respond to these kids. They’re afraid.”

Some propose laws to take action but some say this is to hard to enforce and would take valuable police resources away from more important matters.

They also say lawmakers are NOT the community’s parents.

I agree and I think we as parents are responsible for instilling good morals and raising kids that behave decently and respect others.

Are these fasion statements just self expressions that we shouldn’t worry about it? or are the consequences to society too great to leave unchecked?

One of the stores talking about the correlation about slobby dressing and low grades, crime etc…


What are your thoughts about one parent disagreeing (to say it lightly) with a parenting technique of the other parent in front of the children.  I believe this should be done behind closed doors and away from prying ears.  This undermines the respect & positive power relationship that is so important in a child parent relationship and in raising decent children.


One parent cuts the sleeves of their daughters sweater that were too long after the other parent took it out of the garbage when the 1st put it in there after asking the daughter repeatedly (over several weeks including this morning) to roll the sleeves up when eating, to not wear it every day especially when dirty and to put it in the wash and they didn’t.  Other behaviour contributed and lead up to this reaction.

Is it short sited to see this as destroying a $30 sweater and not as a lesson in listening and respecting your parents and ….?  Or is the 1st parent over reacting?  Is this causing more harm then good and not helping instilling respect?

Off topic :

What are your thoughts about:

Teaching your children to grow a garden and to hunt to feed their family etc… i.e to teach them to be able to provide a lot of things without relying on the food industry so much and to hunting with respect for nature and with conservation in mind.

Have any of you seen the movie Food Inc. ?  It is a good movie and a real eye opener.  I was aware of a lot of this but it highlighted a few things and introduced things I was not aware of.  It made me want to continue with composting and a garden which we have had for the last few yrs but were considering abandoning and about learning how to hunt and to teach my kids how to hunt.

Many of us are doing great jobs in keeping our kids physically active with Hockey, Soccer, running and other sports. Are we putting the same effort into instilling good morals etc…?

Some of the children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow and tomorrow we will mostly likely be too old to do anything about it if things are not the way we think they should be.

Feel free to add you comments here or on my facebook wall.

Bye for now,


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