What is happening to the global gene pool? Is this something we should be worried about?

Warning some may find the following comments disturbing and they may raise disturbing concerns in you.  Read at your own risk!
I wonder if:
The gene pool is getting weaker and weaker in terms of negative genetic mutations and how well the human body fights diseases and other illnesses etc…
If this is true is the weakening of the gene pools a result of the “survival of the fittest” no longer applying as much as it used to apply in the majority of our past existence as a species.  If so is natural selection too slow to keep up with the rate of degradation in the gene pool?
If this is true are the following the cause of this?
– Modern civilization with its considerably safer environments for many humans on the planet.
– Larger & larger exposures to many known and possibly unknown toxins and other things that increase the risk of gene mutations
– Medical technology breakthroughs that allow more and more humans to survive when in the past they would not have and there for would not have passed on negatively mutated genes which would have strengthened the gene pool.
If this is true:
– Are the strange and disturbing human behaviour that is more & more common now then in the past an indication of this and of worse things to come?  Or are they just due to the fact that there is more people and information spreads more easily then in the past.
– What will the long term impacts be?
– How do the moral issues of trying to address this get handled?
For millions of years nature has maintained a balance.  With ups and downs for several species with some surviving and some not.
If this and the gene pool issue are true is this one way that nature is trying to balance the current playing field with humans and other species?
Will nature do something else to try and balance things?  Something that our technology and survival mechanisms won’t be able to cope with easily or quickly?  Or maybe we will do something detrimental or even catastrophic ourselves and I don’t mean nuclear holocaust.  Have you heard about some of the retro virus technologies they are testing.  Genetically altering a virus to attack cancer cells and other technologies.  Sounds promising but also scary.  What if they engineer a virus that goes out of control?
Supposedly they have sequenced the entire human DNA but have not identified what each part does.  Can they do this in time to remove mutations etc… before it is too late?  If they can will the planet handle the increase in populations that this will likely cause.
Some say we are the only species that has 2 sets of DNA.  Supposedly we have a 2nd copy of our  DNA for redundancy and that this 2nd copy is referenced and used if a problem is found in part of the 1st copy.  Supposedly this makes it impossible to clone humans with current technology.
If this is all true will this DNA technology advance fast enough to keep up with the the degradation in the gene pool and all it’s ill effects?  Once again if they can will the planet handle the increase in populations that this will likely cause.

Some say that:

Present humans are the only species on the planet that commonly make a choice not to have children.  Part of this may have to do with the easy access to multiple types of birth control.

Most if not all western democratic countries would drop in population if they did not allow immigration.  In many cases immigrants come from countries that have higher birth rates.

For more info on the power of our Genes see my January 20 blog entry:

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What is in store for the human race in the future?
What are your thoughts?

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