Do you think falling in love is beyond your control? What would life be like if …


Warning you may find the following disturbing if you are a strong believer in traditional love and romance and fate when it comes to love!


Some say:


Falling in love is for the most part controlled by our genes.

Being in love is as close as you can get to being insane.

You can’t stop thinking about them, you do things for them you have never done before or things you would not normally do etc….

It is a survival mechanism for our species.


When I fell in love I wrote beautiful poetry and I had never done this before.

I did several things I had never done before.


Many studies have shown the early years have the biggest impact on a child’s development.

Without love couples would likely not stay together long enough to raise offspring that would survive and be successful in life.

This was more important when the majority of humans lived a hunter gather existence as a species which is 99.99% or so of our species existence.

Some also say that:

Our genes try and make us stay with a mate for approx 7 years so they produce stronger offspring.  Is the 7 year itch real, if so does it  have anything to do with this?.


Our genes allow us to do some amazing things like in a few seconds or less subconsciously being able to see how symmetric someone’s face is (i.e. if everything is in the right place proportionally (centered, etc…)).


They say if someone’s face is not symmetrical it is a strong indication that there may be mutations in their genes that could affect other parts of their body and cause problems to offspring or future generations.


This way our genes help us pick a mate who has less mutations and will there fore be more likely to produce offspring that do well in life etc…


They say our genes can help us subconsciously know things about someone from just their body odor.  Things that will help pick the right person.

One example is how closely related they are genetically.

Supposedly if someone is extremely different genetically or they are to similar genetically there is more likely to be genetic problems in offspring or future generations.  Supposedly somewhere in the middle is ideal.


Studies have shown that during courting senarios with couples where a certain type of stress is present, especially in males there will be an increase in the strength of the smell of their sweat.
This indicates that the body is trying to make sure the possible mate is able to smell it and hopefully find it compatible.


So many people these days wear deodorant and perfume etc… but this is actually making it more difficult for people to find someone they are strongly attracted to and that is strongly attracted to them.  Someone with a lasting attraction.


You are more likely to stick with someone you are strongly attracted to.  This attraction is for the most part controlled by our genes to help the right people pick each other.


In the Roman times it was not uncommon to take an apple and wipe it under your armpit and give it to your lover.


Nowadays you are more likely to hear someone say "put deodorant on you stink".  Maybe in this case deodorant was used during courting….


Yes bacteria has a lot to do with body odor but what if in the case of courting the body can still tell the difference.


What would things be like around the world if no one wore deodorant & perfume or maybe if just single people didn’t?

Maybe in stead you would hear things like "What is that bad smell", or "what is that good smell", "oh you must be single"


Maybe divorce rates would be lower in young marriages.


Maybe there would be more committed parents with better kids.

Maybe our genes are not as strong as some say:

Some say that:

Present humans are the only species on the planet that commonly make a choice not to have children.  Part of this may have to do with the easy access to multiple type of birth control.

Most if not all western democratic countries would drop in population if they did not allow immigration.  In most cases the majority of immigrants come from countries that have a higher birth rates.

If our genes are as strong as some say they are then maybe the human race will right some of the wrongs and the outlook for future generations is not as bad as some say.  Maybe not?

There is more to write on this so stay tuned.

What are your thoughts?



"Love Sick, Love as a Mental Illness" by Dr Frank Tallis

More references to follow


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