Windows Live Essentials are pretty cool, check it out

Windows Live Family Safety is great!! Check it out at.
Easily keep instant messaging and web browsing safe for the family even on more then one computer and keep activity history if you need to.
Install it by it self or with Windows Live Essentials which includes Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) which can publish up to 25G’s to SkyDrive / Live Spaces photo albums (part of a Windows Live ID).  Is that cool or what!  It’s about time I backed up our photos some where offsite other then recordable DVD once and a while.

This is all free and you can share the photos if you want.  Check the permissions to see if the default is ok.  Make sure you use the print quality option (check box) when publishing from WLPG as this is better for printing and backing up photos.  Not quite as large as the originals (especially if you select the highest resolution option in your camera) but good for most printing except large blow ups.  You can upload photos directly to sky drive instead of publishing to WLPG (if they are zipped up they may stay original size) other wise they are resized automatically.  Also the easiest way to publish updates to your my spaces blog or photo albums is to setup the email to publish option in you Windows Live profile options.  You get a secret email address you use to send blogs or photos to get them published automatically.

In Dec I briefly looked at Flickr, Flickr pro, Windows Live Photo Gallery & Google Picasa web albums.

I choose Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows Live Spaces).

Windows Live Essentials (WLE)
Try the default WLE online installer and if any problems use the try again button which should download the latest version of the standalone copy.
If not maybe this link will still work

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