Online Photo Services (Flickr, Windows Live or Google)

Yesterday I needed to upload some pictures online and had to choose which online Photo service to use.  I looked at Flickr since my wife had already set up a free account.  This was ok but limited to 100 MB per month and no indication as to how much or how long photo’s are kept.  It does say limited to 200 Photo’s most recently accessed.  You are also limited on the resolution size when downloading unless you upgrade to Flickr pro.

I then looked at Windows Live Photo Gallery (Windows Live Spaces) and you get 25 GB of space for photos and files (SkyDrive) and there is an option to optimize for printing when uploading files which gives you higher resolution photos for download.  Still not original but better then Flickr.

Google also have an online photo service but it is limited to 2 GB of storage.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is similar to Windows Photo Gallery but with a Publish button that has options to publish to Flickr and or Windows Live Spaces.  You need to create an account with either service (Flickr / Yahoo account, Windows Live ID (formally MS Passport or MSN Messenger ID)).

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