Bureaucracy vs. Democracy

Examining the bureaucratic causes of public failure, economic repression, and voter alienation

Philip K. Howard
Center Working Paper No. 113
February 2019

This talks about the US and Wasington but the bureaucracies in Canada are similar or worse in many cases.


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Province reviewing photo radar use, effect on road safety – Winnipeg Free Press

The probe will examine all aspects of photo enforcement, including whether it’s meeting the stated objective of reducing collision and injuries. (Boris Minkevich / Free Press files)

By: Jessica Botelho-Urbanski
Posted: 11/13/2019 6:46 PM



The province is putting photo radar on the examination table after 17 years of sending expensive surprises in the mail to motorists caught speeding or running red lights on Winnipeg streets.
Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced a “comprehensive review” Wednesday of how and where the technology is being used and whether it’s achieving it’s goal of improving road safety.
Photo radar cameras were introduced in 2003 in Winnipeg; it remains the one municipality in Manitoba using photo enforcement.
The province issued a request for proposals to find a consultant to conduct the review, Schuler said.
He wouldn’t say whether he’s aware of any data showing photo radar has improved public safety.
“That is the question we’re asking and we would like to have someone look at the empirical data to make sure that it is actually doing what it was supposed to do and that is bring safety to our streets,” he said.
The RFP asks for the consultant to “determine the efficacy of photo enforcement in reducing red light and speeding offence and reducing collisions and injuries” and “analyze the financial aspects of photo enforcement.”
Schuler said the province expects a final report back with recommendations within three to four months.
Winnipeg Police Service Insp. Gord Spado welcomed news of the review Wednesday. He said equipment currently being used is out of date. He said police hope a review will help determine more effective ways to enforce traffic laws. Enforcement is currently done at camera-equipped intersections and via mobile street units mounted in unmarked vehicles.
“Right now we’re very restricted as to where we can be — it’s just construction zones, playgrounds and school zones. So we would like to be able to deploy in high-speed corridors, where maybe it’s unsafe to do traditional-style enforcement, where we know there’s an identified safety concern and speed problem,” Spado said.
He rejected oft-made suggestions from critics that photo enforcement is a cash-grab used to pad the police budget.
“I would disagree with that, because if we can change driver behaviour and slow them down in locations where there’s high risk, I think we’re doing a lot for safety,” he said, pointing to decreased speeds in school zones as proactively helping save lives.
Spado also noted intersections with cameras are no longer listed among the top 20 collision spots in the city, having helped change driver behaviour. Traffic officers would like to have more flexibility to move cameras to frequent trouble areas.
“I think it’s great that we’re doing this review. I don’t want to say it’s overdue, but I think we need to look at it,” he said.
Wise Up Winnipeg founder Todd Dube called the review “egregiously overdue.” As a traffic-safety advocate, he has long admonished photo-radar enforcement as being poorly engineered. He’s fought his own photo-radar tickets and helped hundreds of others do the same in court.
“Finally (the city) is going to be accountable in a proper review. A proper review will reveal that this program has done nothing except trade our true motoring safety for a share of the profit,” he said.
Wise Up Winnipeg, a citizens group with more than 14,000 Facebook followers, believes the city should do three things to make streets safer: review and update speed limits on some major roadways — such as Grant Avenue — adjust amber-light timing at intersections and set up dual signage when speed limits decrease, to better alert drivers to pump the brakes.
After those changes are accomplished, Dube believes photo enforcement will no longer be as lucrative. He hopes the city is also forced to renew its photo-enforcement contract, which Spado said expires in May.
Want to get a head start on your day?
“I’d like the city to keep its partner in this for seven more expensive years because what’s going to be revealed is going to be a drastic decline in violations because there won’t be any deficient engineering to target,” Dube said. “And it will be a money-losing program, not a money-making program.”
Mayor Brian Bowman wasn’t available for an interview Wednesday, though his press secretary said he’d just learned of the review and was seeking more information. Winnipeg Police Board chair Kevin Klein didn’t respond to requests for comment.
According to the 2018 WPS annual report, 141,028 photo-enforcement tickets were issued last year. In its 2018 program update, the police force reported about $16.47 million in ticket revenue and $5.8 million in expenses tied to the program.
— With files from Ben Waldman
Twitter: @_jessbu
Jessica Botelho-Urbanski
Legislature reporter
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Autoimmune diseases and disorders

For those that want to better understand what it’s like to have an autoimmune disease or learn more about them and if you can reduce your chances of getting one. It’s NOT like a cold or a flu, for many there is no cure, a nap won’t help and for many medicines can only improve quality of life. Many never feel good, they often or always wake up with pain and sleep with pain. When people see them they think everything is normal and many think that when they are not they are pretending.

These diseases or disorders can happen to anyone at any age and of any ethnicity. They affect millions of people around the world. They occur due to abnormally low activity or overactivity of the immune system, where the body attacks and damages its own tissues and creates antibodies to destroy these tissues and organs.

Genetics, environmental pollution and contamination plus some food additives and food industry practices are some of the factors that have been found to contribute to increased chances of getting one of these diseases. A healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce the chances of getting these and other diseases or disorders.

Consult with a doctor if you have symptoms or concerns.

Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and thyroid disorders are painful, disruptive and often devastating. The right diet may help ease pain and heal some autoimmune diseases. Some studies have recommended those suffering or at risk are recommended to avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, grains, dairy and red meat, and focus on fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and fish.

Scientists and medical doctors are learning more about the importance of bacteria in our guts, on our skin and elsewhere in our bodies. The balance, diversity and abundance of bacteria are strongly tied to our immune system when we are born, as we develop, grow and age. Some new or previously unorthodox treatments are proving to be very successful and becoming more mainstream.

What is happening in genetic research is promising although some aspects are bit concerning. Time will tell if we find the right balance.

This is to honor those who fight Multiple Sclerosis Syndrome, Hashimoto, Lupus, sarcoidosis, rheumatoid arthritis, alopecia totalis, scleroderma , Fibromyalgia, severe endometriosis, hepatitis, diabetes, celiac disease, Crohns, pbc, Bęhcet’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, Sjogren’s syndrome, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, acute myalgia , vasculitis and many more autoimmune diseases.

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Detroit Hospital performs double-lung transplant on vape-injured teen | National Post

One of the patient’s vape-damaged lungs. Courtesy Henry Ford Hospital – Courtesy Henry Ford Hospital

Nov 12 2019


Similar info from CDC in the past other than they named the illness and this apparently the first lung transplant as a result of vaping.

What a shame as this kid was only 16 years old and many others being hospitalized are young. Is this being over blown by media? Are there bigger issues they should be focusing on?

Is it a sign of underlying issues in society and how some greedy online and offline retailers or sellers are willing to do anything to increase sales, margins or make money?

Like many concerned parents we have talked to, we tried repeatedly to talk about and warn our kids of the risks of vaping but they wanted to try it and continue doing it as it was cool and made them feel better.

They watch people doing hot boxing inside motorcycle helmets stripped of padding or other stunts on youtube. Then they and their friends egg each other on to do the same, similar or amp it up. All recorded and streamed on social misleadia. Even by themselves they often using concentrations of nicotine and frequencies that are much higher than many regular smokers. Inhaling to the point they get dizzy and short of breath.

They find a store that is willing to sell to under age or an older friend or acquaintance similar with buying alcohol while underage. They find someone that can get it delivered to their house as the parent(s) don’t know or care. They buy online using prepaid credit cards from convenience stores.

Just taking the vap devices and juice away repeatedly and having consequences doesn’t always work as they may just get more and conceal the usage. Is this a sign of addiction or wanting to make their own choices even if they know there are risks?

Now police are being asked to enforce stricter DUI legistation with technology that is still not reliable.

… The surgeon said throughout his 20 years of dealing with lung transplants, he had never seen lungs such as the ones that belonged to the boy. “It’s an evil I’ve never faced before…,”

The CDC hasn’t pinpointed the primary ingredient behind the rapid increase in vaping related illness (now called EVALI), but it has found associations with vitamin E acetate, which is an additive in some THC products. The CDC says that THC (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis), has been present in most of the tested samples.

National and state findings suggest that these THC containing products, are particularly from “informal sources”, such as “friends, or family, or in-person or online dealers, [and] are linked to most of the cases and play a major role in the outbreak.”

As the CDC continues researching, they recommend people should not “Buy any type of e-cigarette, or vaping, products, particularly those containing THC, off the street.” They should also refrain from “[Modifying or adding] any substances to e-cigarette, or vaping, products that are not intended by the manufacturer, including products purchased through retail establishments.”

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‘Fast and Furious’ and previous flawed gun tracking / walking programs have cost the lives of innocent people

Nov 7 2019 – Concerned Citizens

This is news from 2016 but is still being recirculate in a misleading way by right or left biased news sources or on social misleadia.

It is more than sad that lives are lost when flawed government programs are created. In at least one case a US border patrol officer killed were two semi automatic firearms found that the ATF had sold and brought into Mexico so they could trace the weapons but then lost track of some of them. Reports of Mexican nations also killed by some of them.

The following site has least biased and high factural ratings. This article says Obama’s response that the flawed fast and furious gun tracking program was started by the ATF and under Bush is false or misleading. It says the program was a gun walking program that is similar to a previous program by the ATF under Bush.

The practice stopped by the Obama administration. As a result of the scandal or for being flawed?

Have these programs helped shutdown large cartels? How many lives saved with these programs? They couldn’t be open and transparent to be effective but there was not enough oversight which was one of the flaws?



More details:

Wikipedia (least bias and high factual ratings)


From Fortune (warning right center bias with high factual ratings)

CNN (warning left bias and mostly factual ratings)

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Winnipeg film dives into meth crisis with a look at those suffering

Nov 6 2019 – Winnipeg Sun, CJOB, Concerned Citizens

To understand the methamphetamine crisis in Winnipeg is to understand the people who are suffering and dealing with the drug riddled plague.

Winnipeg filmmaker Rodney Bodner, 47, has spent the last 15 years as a rural paramedic and he deals with users on a regular basis. He has read all the stories but found they were all lacking humanity. Users were statistics or demonized and the issue was almost always dealt with at an arm’s length.

He set out to change that. With his documentary Methamphetamine: Community Under Siege he puts a human face on the issue. He talked to addicts, success stories, organizations who are dealing every day with the crisis and even a dealer.

Mire below from the Winnipeg Sun, CJOB and the crowd funding initiative that supported the film.




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WPS pension changes and off topic but important comment and response

Nov 6 2019 – Concerned Citizens of Winnipeg and Manitoba

Find comment below from article and post about City of Winnipeg plans to change the police pension bylaw to make the pension more sustainable using the new Provincial public sector pension and benefits legislation. Mainly hange City / taxpayers contributions from 18% to match employee contributions of 8% and require 20 years service and age 60 for full pension.

For more info, comments and discussion see


“I would not mind nearly as much if:

-They weren’t committing fraud with drawings in court.
-They were on top of crime instead of sleeping in cars with photo radar.
-They were properly testing their devices and ACTUALLY only interested in ticketing bad or dangerous drivers.
-They would post people randomly in high theft areas, like grocery stores, liquor marts, etc instead of on busses and corners looking for phones (but even that is acceptable to me if it’s about safety and not revenue).”


, the hand written Designated Construction Zone diagrams, sleeping in photo enforcement vehicles is WPS’s for profit “partner” Conduent (formely Xerox / Lockheed Martin / ACS) but they claim to get direction from WPS on where to “enforce”.

The breaches of charter, due process and other legal rights plus ignoring of codes of conduct, professional standards, sworn oaths, ethics etc… when issuing “violations” during pretrial and in Provincial “Offenses” ‘court” aka SCC / Traffic or kangaroo court” by the Crown, JJP’s, operators and officers is the result of the past Selinger led SpeNDP, current Pallister led PC governments, Katz and Bowman led City and Administrations, WPS Chiefs McCaskill, Clunnis and Smyth, the Police Boards plus the Judiciary (Chief Justices) choosing the 50% Province, 25% City and 25% WPS / Conduent shares / cuts in traffic “safety” revenue over proper engineering, safety, public trust, respect, confidence and econmic growth / legit tax revenue.

This abuse, extortion or government sanctioned taxation as fines involves over $70,000,000 per year taken from mostly safety conscious drivers and vehicle owners.

A similar sanctioned racket or flawed and biased “enforcement” revenue stream happening with for profit partner G4S and the Winnipeg parking “authority” which involves over $40,000,000 per year.

Combined this equates to over $450,000,000 per year or 5,000,000,000 since 2003 (when the priority became more about revenue) taken from the economy and economic growth with velocity of money.

Low income individuals and families hit the hardest with the fine option taken away to pay with community service and MPI in on the racket with officer issued “offenses” and licenses and insurance penalties plus suspension of license or preventing renewal till payment.

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