Privacy and big data

April 11 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Public Advocate


I often use incognito mode when web browsing or disable cookies to limit data collection.

Even so I just noticed what I searched for in Facebook on my computer followed me to my mobile. Facebook ads pop up related to these searches even with my privacy and ad settings restricted.

Similar happens if I am signed into Google on my PC and use Google search. Google now requires cookies enabled even for logging in. On Android or Apple IOS mobile devices you are always logged into Google or Apple.
Regardless searches saved and used to show local or global trends.

Location history from mobile (cell towers), GPS or Wifi may be enabled on your devices or Google, Apple, Microsoft and other accounts.

Your data maybe tracked in many other places. Some of these include Siri, Alexi, Echo and other voice recognition based search or answer services or products.

For web browsers you can review, delete and or disable cookies (3rd party or all). You can also clear history (last hour, day, … or all). Note your preferences for some web sites maybe lost. There is tools like Malwarebytes and others that can scan for known Malware and cookies from known malicious sites etc…

You can clear or disable search, location and other history or activity in at least Facebook and Google.

Is all this permitted and unknown data collection benefitial to society? So far based on recent and past news of incidents it pretty clear even the unintended consequences are quite serious.

See recent posts of mine and here is related posts that are still relevant.

The power of algorithms and big data as well as the dangers – Weapons of Math Destruction

The dark side of data | Playlist |

Here is some info on preventing unauthorized access to your internet connected devices and the data on them.

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Escolating trend in parking enforcement abuses in Winnipeg

Apr 8 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

*** Important message to members and the general public viewing. Share widely online and by word of mouth ***

One of our hardworking members has been at it again helping better expose the escolating trend in parking enforcement abuses.

For Profit G4S Tech and WPA are ramping up the parking bylaw for illegal vehicle parking on private property. This could ‘bite’ individuals that break this easy to read law that appears to be enforced in selected parts of the city…. excluding Tuxedo of course.
Similar to how Tuxedo the only area to have 30k reduced $peed $chool zone removed after residents complained.

You can thank Counc. Janice Lukes who championed the G4S Tech friendly parking changes and bylaw and Minister Heather Stefanson plus the others who have allowed and supported the changes, legislation and another bylaw that is being used for revenue rather than public safety and interest.

Some of the details of the parking bylaw are below.

Here is a map showing where they are ticketing.

Here is the chart showing tickets issued by month for this Parking on Private Property infraction. March data is not complete yet….

The Concordia Hospital Physio preventative care program reduced or closed in October, 2017.

That appears to have had the adverse effect of reducing the number of ‘parking in an intersection’ tickets that the WPA is able to issue on Moncton Street near that hospital.

We can only hope people will continue to park in other intersections near the remaining hospitals with ER’s (whichever they are) so this revenue source does not dry up.

In ‘the good old days’ – Moncton Street was a gravy train for the WPA.

It appears that WPA has ‘the violation of the month’ – and for June to Sept, 2017 it was Intersection tickets. The number of intersection tickets issued across the city has dropped off drastically since September. No idea why.

For May – December it was Fire Lane tickets.

This chart shows the number of tickets issued for ‘intersection’ violations over time. Seems ticketing for this infraction has fallen out of favor.

Other WPA / G4S Tech / CoW Parking Enforcement Abuses documented

New plea process legislation and bylaw that has made it harder to contest, get a fair trial or appeal simple parking, traffic and bylaw matters.

Out of control parking enforcement in Winnipeg including firelanes and issues contesting or appealing

Watch “The worst places to park in Canada: Parking ticket traps, unfair tickets (CBC Marketplace)” on YouTube
Nov 18 2016

Several parts involve Winnipeg throughout this episode

Visit to get better informed, volunteer and donate to court actions to stop this abuse.

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The Wpg Parking Bylaw at:

defines a passenger vehicle as follows:
passenger vehicle” means a motor vehicle (other than a bus, commercial vehicle, motor home, or taxicab) that is designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of people on a street or highway. It includes a pickup truck, a van (other than a cube van), a minivan, a motorcycle, a moped and a scooter.

The bylaw has the following sections:

No more than six vehicles
No person may park or store a vehicle on a property if, at the time of placing the
vehicle on the property, at least six other vehicles are already parked or stored on the property.
No more than four passenger vehicles
No person may park or store a passenger vehicle on a property if, at the time of
placing the vehicle on the property, at least four other passenger vehicles are already parked or stored on the property.
No more than one small truck
No person may park or store a small truck on a property if, at the time of placing the truck on the property, another small truck is already parked or stored on the property.

No person may park or store a vehicle on a driveway in the front yard of a property if, at the time of placing the vehicle on the driveway, the number of vehicles in the front yard is already at the maximum. For this purpose, the maximum number of vehicles in the front yard of a property is
two vehicles, if they are not parked in tandem; or
four vehicles, if they are parked in tandem.

“large truck” means a truck with a GVWR of more than 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs).

“large vehicle” means a vehicle, other than a recreational vehicle, that
(a) is a large truck; or
(b) has one or more of the following characteristics:
(i) tandem axles;
(ii) a passenger capacity in excess of 15 persons; or
(iii) dual wheels where the vehicle includes a flat deck or other form of utility deck; or
(c) can be generally described as
(i) a bus,
(ii) a limousine,
(ii) a cube van,
(iii) a dump truck, tow truck or flatbed truck, or
(iv) a tractor, trailer, or tractor-trailer combination.

“small truck” means a truck that is neither a large vehicle nor a passenger vehicle.

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A legal system working against the public and democracy

Apr 1st 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Public Advocate


This involves, Freespeech, Freepress, Judicuary Fairness and Independence, Rights and Consideration for the Self Represented and related

Access to legal aid for those that can’t afford it. Many fall through the cracks created by setting the threshold of income high enough that most earn too much but low enough that most can’t afford to pay a lawyer.

The ones that qualify often get a lawyer paid so little compared to the industry average that they after care little about the outcome.

Journalist faces unprecedented criminal charges over coverage of Muskrat Falls protest

More Canadians are acting as their own lawyer because they don’t have a choice

More Canadians are acting as their own lawyer because they don’t have a choice

Conrad Black: Our legal system is failing us every bit as badly as journalism is

Police lying in Court and a trend in related behavior against public interest

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Police lying in Court and a trend in related behavior against public interest

Apr 1st 2018 but no fooling – Kevin Yoworski

This is a concerning issue many members and viewers of WiseUpWinnipeg plus the General Public have faced. The consequences for allowing and ignoring these are mounting. Please listen to the CBC podcast with interviews, read this long but important post and take meaningful actions to help get these serious issues addressed.

I myself have heard police officers, 3rd party photo enforcement operators and Crown prosecutors on several occasions lie, mislead or bully in and outside of the lower Courts for simple traffic matters while appearing for myself or someone I was representing (as self represented as I am not a lawyer). I have witnessed JJP’s and Justices in the lower and some of the higher Courts allow above behavior and do nothing or simply stay plus be error prone and biased against the accused. Only in a few cases for these matters I was involved with or observed did I see or hear about fair, lawful or just treatment of the accused by Police, the Crown and Justices.

I have heard or been given many independent 1st hand accounts of similar and much worse occuring for simple traffic, parking and bylaw matters and a few more serious matters while observing in Court or while playing a leadership role in WiseUpWinnipeg (a large and fast growing public advocacy group). Much of this documented in transcripts, other court records, formal complaints and elsewhere.

*** Yet why is so little being done about this? The opposite has actually occurred with many political and related actions taken that have made matters worse ***

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** Important msg for all Facebook group or page admins and mods and warning to other FB users ***

Mar 30 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen

Apps or websites you have used may have access to your profile and member lists for groups you admin or moderate and other info only available to admins.

This on top of the latest unauthorized access of Facebook data by data mining corporations exposed.

This has caused many to just delete their Facebook accounts. Some need it for work or important advocacy groups or pages they administer.

Some parts of a FB user profile is personal and confidential plus group admins are intrusted with member lists as part of managing a group.

There is no need to share member lists that I am aware of other than the one exception below but now with FB group insights available to admins for member posts and interactions this only needed to get insights on admin posts if your group wants them..

You can check and if needed remove this profile or group permission and others or completely disable platform (FB API). Note if you want to use your FB account to login to 3rd party sites or apps you need to leave platform enabled but can restrict permissions. Be careful who you allow this with.

I removed ones I no longer use and restricted the few I do. The only one it did not let me restrict was Samsung Galaxy (greyed out). I assume this because my FB account added to my phone.

The only exception I can think of to allowing permission to group member lists etc.. is using an analytics service but even then it should only be with a trusted and reputable service, only temporary to get insights and only if they agree to remove data after reports generated.

Be weary and do your research as I would not be surprised if Cambridge Analytics was considered trusted and respected until it exposed they mined and sold confidential and unauthorized data to political parties or groups.

This concern does not only apply to Facebook. Be careful with how you use or link your Google, Apple, Microsoft and other accounts and data within it or that it has access to.

Regularly review these settings.

More info and screenshots here:

Note some of the options or menus might be slightly different than demonstrated in this article depending on the device OS, version of FB app or web browser used.


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More Canadians are acting as their own lawyer because they don’t have a choice

A new program at the Windsor law school supports those who self-represent. (Shutterstock)
March 23, 2018CBC Radio – The Sunday Edition


Read the article, transcript or listen to the interview plus my comments directly below.

In Toronto for example a family lawyer can cost over $500/hr. That pretty much eliminates 99% of Canadians or it will bankrupt them trying.

I chose to contest an alleged speeding offense in 2015 (52 km/hr in a arguably artificially reduced 30km /hr zone with no flashing lights, 0 kids around, no parked cars, inadequate signage, questionable tactics by two officers etc…).

I did so more because of a huge spike in these types of tickets (at or below previous limit) after these zones and legislation enabling them implemented without due diligence, no traffic engineering studies, with little to no debate or public consultations. When I learnt proper engineering studies from other Canadian juradictions and sound recommendations ignored.

I chose to contest and be self represented including filing a delay motion application with Charter 11b challenge after trial date set over 18 months away. This or longer had become common after alleged traffic, parking and other bylaw offense tickets being issued in Winnipeg had trended up to over 300,000 per year. In a City with only about 400,000 drivers and Transport Canada stats listing Manitoba as having amoung the safest drivers.

I chose to be self represented rather than go heavily in debt and risk a hard earned near perfect credit rating. I followed the lead of others who had documented part of the process and I used caselaw and evidence to rely on to stengthen my motion and prepare for the motion hearing.

in the event


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Conrad Black: Our legal system is failing us every bit as badly as journalism is

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