Winnipeg Sun: PARKIN: The blunt facts about Morneau’s tax cut for the rich

The Liberals need to honor their promises if they are still what the majority of Canadians want. They also need to be honest about what they are doing or planning.

This tax cut should have done more to help low income people and families who need it the most and a sufficient tax increase on the highest brackets who can easily afford it to offset the revenue loss.

This way it not raising debt by $20 Billion a year plus all the interest that will be paid on this. Why give a break to the highest earners and defer the debt to our younger generations which are struggling with the modern world as is.

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Alberta’s power grid to get green boost as auction bidders revealed – Globe and Mail

A ranch house sits below a wind farm generating electricity in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near the town of Pincher Creek, Alta.



Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and accelerate the shift

Wind and other renewables vs. fossil fuels and is climate change happening faster than ever?

Canada & other countries should listen to Mark Carney’s warnings on costs of climate change

Archive of above Globe Article

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Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

Nov 21 2017

Bloomberg and Reuters articles plus my comments

If you have used Uber before this Oct 2016 breach you may want to try and confirm what data was exposed and take appropriate steps if needed.

They are saying the attack included names, email addresses and phone numbers.

It is very concerning that the breach was not reported to regulators and users in the Countries affected initially as required. Their Chief Security Officer and another exec fired after it alleged they consealed the breach and paid off the hackers. Were they skate goats paid off to take the fall? The trend in serious wrongdoing and investigations is there.

How can they be certain the stolen data deleted? This is only encouraging more hacking.

British law carries a maximum penalty of 500,000 pounds ($662,000) for failing to notify users and regulators when data breaches and similar laws in many other countries.

Is there a balance they can find where there is an deterent but not encouraging concealing?

The Uber breach, while large, is dwarfed by those at Yahoo, MySpace, Target Corp., Anthem Inc. and Equifax Inc

The way this breach occured should be a warning to companies, software devolopers and others involved.

Two hackers gained access to proprietary information stored on GitHub, a service that allows engineers to collaborate on developing software code. There, the two people stole Uber’s credentials for a separate cloud-services provider where they were able to download driver and rider data. A GitHub spokesperson said their secuirty systems were not compromised.

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Pollution causing more deaths worldwide than war or smoking: Lancet

This more than sad especially when so many experts in so many fields involved in this detailed study and report agreed in the findings. Developing and middle class countries being hit the hardest and remote people like Canada’s Inuit facing some of the highest levels of pollution yet the the farthest away from the sources.

At least 9 million premature deaths were caused by diseases from toxic emissions

The Associated Press

October 20, 2017

Update as well as more on the above report including podcast or transcript.

New Delhi’s toxic smog poses serious health threat, warns doctor

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First Nation banishes man suspected of selling drugs in community – CBC

Pine Creek First Nation Chief Karen Batson says the man banished from the community was suspected of selling prescription drugs and marijuana.
Pine Creek First Nation Chief Karen Batson says the man banished from the community was suspected of selling prescription drugs and marijuana. (David Donnelly/CBC)
Oct 31 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – Public Advocate

Information related to this incident detailed in CBC article below. Also what is needed in Winnipeg and with WPS to tackle similar issues.

The fact the Chief and Council took drug tests before and expanded this to include mandatory random testing of all band employees shows their people they are sober, acting as role models and taking these issues very seriously.

Based on past and recent charges and reports with WPS officers involved with drugs, illegal firearms or driving under influence and causing death the Winnipeg Police should do this. They also need to bring back the low cost body camera and cadet programs that they cut to help pay out of control OT, overstaffing, bloated pensions, armored vehicle, advanced rifles etc…

They will need to layoff some of the 300 more officers then we need or can afford and bring back the two serious crime units that partnered with RCMP that they childisly cut after the Province forced them to be more efficient and fiscally responsible so they not chewing up almost a third of the City’s nearly $1 Billion budget every year.

There is many honest hard working officers and more needs to be done to weed out the rotten ones and reform the direction and culture.

This band not waiting for the issues to continue or get worse. Why should WPS and the City be any different? They can’t banish people but they can do more to tackle serious crime and prevent it. Other Cities and Provinces have taken steps we have not or with enough priority.

If you agree contact your councillor, MLA and the Justice Minister. More info in the pinned post, and on my blog at

Collectively we can make a difference. This proven here and elsewhere on other serious issues.

Pine Creek homes

‘Some people aren’t happy with our approach,’ Chief Karen Batson says. (Riley Laychuk/CBC)

First Nation banishes man suspected of selling drugs in community

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Corruption being tackled in Quebec but stalling in Manitoba and elsewhere

Oct 30 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Quebec has been leading by example for several years now with exposing and prosecuting serious crime (organized crime, corruption in the construction industry, police, municipal and provincial governments etc …).

This after pressure from journalists and advocacy groups some of which were victims of illegal wire taps. They have much more to do but there has already been many convictions, resignations and ongoing investigations including very recent news like here and related.

There was an ongoing RCMP investigation or pending charges involving corruption in Winnipeg related to at least former Mayor Sam Katz, Former CAO Phil Sheegl, Caspian Construction and others.

There is other serious allegations not investigated yet that we are aware of. The RCMP Corporate Crimes Division has said it is under funded and under staffed to the point it can’t investigate some serious allegations even with substanciated information.

Are you like many in Manitoba and asking why Premier Pallister or Deputy Premier / Justice Minister Heather Stefanson are not calling on the OAG or for a public inquiry? They are giving the excuse that there is an ongoing investigation by the RCMP. Yet CBC said the two years worth of investigations handed over to the Crown and charges were pending but nothing has been announced for several months now. Quebec is not waiting for this why are they?

To make matters worse many of the issues in MB have been going on since at least 2002 and much of it exposed via WiseUpWinnipeg using FIPPA requests, Ombudsman; APEGM, Law Society, LERA, WPS and other formal complaints, Whistle Blowers, Court records, unbiased and verified media reports and many independent 1st hand accounts. Most of this ignored.

What has been done and what needs to be done?

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Important update on Delay Motions with Charter 11b challenges for simple traffic matters with unreasonable delay to go to trial

MB Law Courts – Home of the MB Appeals Court
Oct 28 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

WUW and the media covered this in Sept but here is link to the Justices full decision to grant leave to appeal.

Here is a recap and some new information. Manitoba’s highest court is taking the unusual step of weighting in on a simple traffic matter. In R v. Grant MBQB Justice Vic Toews said the 18m ceiling for reasonable delay for criminal matters at Provincial Court as per R vs. Jordan (Supreme Cout of Canada) should be followed for simple traffic matters. Yet Jordan says simple matters should take less time to go to trial than more complex matters. Several Justices in Provincial Court have agreed and said 6 months is reasonable. Several also said the institutional delays in these matters are well known and not reasonable.

Toews who had a long political career and ties in MB also being investigated by the Judicial Council of Canada for allegations of conflict of interest which in at least public opinion and trust is relevant.

Below is part of what the Appeals Court Justice said. They also listed several other cases where the motions were denied but most of the accused in these were not well prepared which is not uncommon for self represented but this should have been taken into consideration. Charter Rights, Court Directives and MB Justice policies require this consideration as well as all actions of the Crown and Court must promote confidence in the administration of Justice.

Based on this it can be argued that delay motions before the Provincial Court (e.g. for traffic matters in MBSCC) should be adjourned once filed until the higher court decision.

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