Silicon Valley faces reckoning as backlash grows against Big Tech

From The Globe and Mail:

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Is the Manitoba Parliament and City of Winnipeg really focused on public interest?

Dec 21 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – Public Advocate – WiseupWinnipeg

There appears to be some public interest legislation that came out of the last MB Parliament session like improvements to Ombudsman, Disclosure and …

What about the new Provincial Offenses Act (POA) and MB Bylaw Enforcement Act (MBEA) ammendments that are arguably unconstitutional and makes it easier for them to try and ignore charter rights and other legal rights while ignoring abuse by CoW, GoM, WPS, Xerox / Conduent, TSS, WPA, G4S Tech and MPIC? There is over 300,000 alleged simple traffic, parking and bylaw offences issued per year and trending up. The majority are unfair or unlawful and those contesting abused again in court with in professional conduct, errors and bias by many of the Crown, JJP’s and some Justices.

The new parking offence “review” process is already under Judicial Review related to at least unlawful KYZ alleged offenses. The delays to go to trial charter issues are being heard by MB’s higest Court the Court of Appeal (CA). The amendments to the HTA to allow vehicle owners to be issued photo enforcement alleged offences is being challenged in Court of QB and if needed CA.

Dangerously short but very profitable 4 sec amber time policy regardless of speed and most other factors being challenged in Court with City Engineer Luis Escobar resigned and WPS expert admitting his study and report based on Escobar’s report which was more than just flawed. Stay tuned for updates on these and other direct actions by WUW and members.

These legislation, bylaw and policy changes had little to no public consultation and are clearly against public interests based on a trend of behavior by those above.

They only make it harder to contest unfair and unlawful traffic, parking and bylaw alleged offences and boost apparent revenue. This is short sighted and the impacts are enormous. It equates to unlawful taxation as fines and worse and involves over $5 Billion since 2003 considering velocity of money.

If you are concerned contact your MLA and Councillor, the Premier and Mayor, the Justice Minister, the Auditor General, CoW Integrity Commissioner, MB Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Chief Justices, APEGM, LSM, Ombudsman and others involved. If needed appeal and or escolate formal complaints and use FIPPA etc…

Once enough of the public work collectively things will change. Waiting till the next election has failed repeatedly. More needs to be done in between them.

News Release – Manitob



December 8, 2017


Sounds like I spoke to soon about public interest legislation.

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Canada’s Department of National Defence provides this statement about UFO’s after declining CBC request for interview

DND response to The Current's request

(image: Department of National Defence)
Dec 20 2107 – CBC the Current
Part One: U.S. government hidden UFO investigations
New revelations show the Pentagon ran a secret UFO program from 2007 until it was officially defunded in 2012.
Canada’s Department of National Defence declined The Current’s request for an interview in this segment, but they sent us this statement superimposed on the image above:
Listen to the full episode for more details:
Related coverage of the Pentagon admitting it ran secret UFO program.
More detailed coverage:
DECEMBER 16, 2017 / 4:31 PM
Interesting comment from one person on the article that maybe worth looking into.
This is the start of Disclosure. The project is ongoing which many articles are getting wrong. It was taken over by the Navy and CIA when Senator Reid couldn’t get any more funding. The guy who headed up the project, until 6 months ago, Luis Elizondo has left and joined To The Stars Media, where they are releasing the EVIDENCE that the project has collected ie Gun camera footage, witness reports and actual PHYSICAL DEBRIS from craft which defies modern analysis! Wake up people examine the evidence for yourself. They have officially declared that UAPs (UFOs) are a real phenomenon displaying characteristics that defy modern science, right angle turns and accelerating the thousands of miles an hour instantaneously. The USG and our own have had access to these kind of reports since WII, this is the first time they’ve have decided it’s time we knew about it. Examine the evidence this is just the beginning. Tom De longe claims they have access to a section of hull that when electrical current is passed through it, will loses 10% of it’s mass. So there is plenty more evidence to come and the revelations will change the world.
Related coverage about UFO incident in Manitoba

Falcon Lake incident is Canada’s ‘best-documented UFO case,’ even 50 years later

Son of man involved in famous Manitoba UFO case has written a book about ongoing mystery

By Darren Bernhardt, CBC News Posted: May 19, 2017 11:57 AM CT Last Updated: May 19, 2017 2:21 PM CT

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New Collar Promises to Keep Athletes’ Brains from “Sloshing” During Impact – MIT Technology Review

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Winnipeg Sun: PARKIN: The blunt facts about Morneau’s tax cut for the rich

The Liberals need to honor their promises if they are still what the majority of Canadians want. They also need to be honest about what they are doing or planning.

This tax cut should have done more to help low income people and families who need it the most and a sufficient tax increase on the highest brackets who can easily afford it to offset the revenue loss.

This way it not raising debt by $20 Billion a year plus all the interest that will be paid on this. Why give a break to the highest earners and defer the debt to our younger generations which are struggling with the modern world as is.

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Alberta’s power grid to get green boost as auction bidders revealed – Globe and Mail

A ranch house sits below a wind farm generating electricity in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near the town of Pincher Creek, Alta.



Reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and accelerate the shift

Wind and other renewables vs. fossil fuels and is climate change happening faster than ever?

Canada & other countries should listen to Mark Carney’s warnings on costs of climate change

Archive of above Globe Article

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Uber Paid Hackers to Delete Stolen Data on 57 Million People

Nov 21 2017

Bloomberg and Reuters articles plus my comments

If you have used Uber before this Oct 2016 breach you may want to try and confirm what data was exposed and take appropriate steps if needed.

They are saying the attack included names, email addresses and phone numbers.

It is very concerning that the breach was not reported to regulators and users in the Countries affected initially as required. Their Chief Security Officer and another exec fired after it alleged they consealed the breach and paid off the hackers. Were they skate goats paid off to take the fall? The trend in serious wrongdoing and investigations is there.

How can they be certain the stolen data deleted? This is only encouraging more hacking.

British law carries a maximum penalty of 500,000 pounds ($662,000) for failing to notify users and regulators when data breaches and similar laws in many other countries.

Is there a balance they can find where there is an deterent but not encouraging concealing?

The Uber breach, while large, is dwarfed by those at Yahoo, MySpace, Target Corp., Anthem Inc. and Equifax Inc

The way this breach occured should be a warning to companies, software devolopers and others involved.

Two hackers gained access to proprietary information stored on GitHub, a service that allows engineers to collaborate on developing software code. There, the two people stole Uber’s credentials for a separate cloud-services provider where they were able to download driver and rider data. A GitHub spokesperson said their secuirty systems were not compromised.

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