Out of control parking enforcement in Winnipeg including firelanes and issues contesting or appealing

Feb 22 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Using the City of Winnipeg Open Data Systems and some in person investigation we have identified serious issues with manual and automated parking enforcement including in fire lanes when improperly sign posted and inadequate warnings or education.

Long but important message and call for action from all members and the many viewing who care about fair and lawful treatment of the public on the road in the court room as well as improving transparency and accountability in government and public services.

We will not be ignored or deceived when we are informed and work collectively with meaningful actions. Below is more info and then some suggested simple actions we can all do to make a difference.

Thanks to several members that helped document and investigate these issues. You deserve credit and if you would like to be named let me know and I will edit.

To join joint the discussion

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MPIC once again misleading Parliament, GoM and MB PUB

Feb 22 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

**** DRAFT ****

In Oct 2017 we posted:
Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and MPIC supporting Road to Zero / Vision Zero Strategy – What this really means
In Dec 2016 we posted
MB PC’s do 180 and support PUB approving 3.7% rate hike for MPIC instead of reining in out of control spending 

In Sept 2016 we posted:
 MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk

While the PC party was the official opposition they objected to MPIC rate increases and identified just some of the funds being wasted at MPIC.  We and others have identified many more.  The previous NDP majority govs ignored this and allowed or supported rate increases without requiring MPIC to reign in out of control spending.  Now the PC majority gov is doing the same thing.  The MPIC Board and MP PUB members are appointed by the government in power.  Since WUW exposed this the PC party has removed the page on their website that confirmed it but we have got an copy from internet archive.  The PC party and elected officials involved have refused to respond when asked about this and other serious public safety and interest concerns.  More info below.

MPIC did or tried to give a presentation to MB PUB and or GoM which includes many parts that are false or misleading.  This includes the MPIC, GoM, WPS and CoW Road to Zero – Vision Zero Safety Strategy for 2017 – 2020 that we have already exposed as $afety revenue focused with little to no improvement in engineering, transparency and accountability.  This plan has much more focus on reduced speed limits, new legislation (expanding automated (photo and …) enforcement and much less focus on education and real safety initiatives.   It is also filed with false misleading information. Links to more info below.

Soon as we saw the name Ward Keith (VP with MPIC and with them since at least 2005) on the presentation below we became even more suspicious as he has supported and announced many $afety initiatives in the media filled with $afety propaganda.

Why does the public need a VP of Business Development and Communications and similar directors, high paid execs or senior mgmt for a government mandated monopoly that has a (strict?) mandate including refunding overcharges?  Learn more here.

How many of the following are Ward Keith’s ideas or is he just the messenger?  Regardless he supporting in media and with presentation to our elected and appointed officials.



MPI diverting overcharges on the following instead of refunding as required by legislation:

Education and Enforcement should be done and funded by independent government bodies not by rate payers.

– For Pilot $afety Studies:
MPIC Diverted $500k to WPS for “better” signage, “visibility” and “enhanced enforcement” at some of MPIC top 10 “most dangerous” intersections while ignoring proper engineering and investing much less on education.  To make matters worse this is not new behavior for them.  WUW filed FIPPA requests about this after many members and the general public reported and documenting WPS at Bishop and St. Mary’s parked unlawfully and unsafely with marked and unmarked vehicles on crosswalks, meridian, bus stops, after intersection (not visible warning) etc… This included one case captured on video where someone called 911 as they thought the unmarked car on crosswalk was involved in an accident.  Firetruck attended, approached the car and they officer sped off.


WPS and MPIC tried to deny and then delay the FIPPA response until Ombudsman complaint filed.  Then they redacted and severed information without valid reasons siting it would put senior officers (consultants) in danger, would affect the integrity of the safety study etc… There was still enough info to expose senior MPIC and WPS more concerned about funds used to counter budget reduction attempts and not enough violations issued (reoccurring demerit revenue) than visible signage boards (only up for limited time) and enforcement (unmarked cars vs. marked) etc…  WPS was also hoping the data or results would allow more funding in the future.  The date proved there was no issue with speed and the study was flawed in may ways and it’s main goal was to divert funds to WPS.

MPIC CEO, Mayor Bowman, the Police Chief and others signed the agreement for this pilot study.  Escobar (now resigned and …), Councillors Brian Mayes and Janice Lukes and others have been involved in this including studies that ignored dangerous engineering (short 4 sec amber at large 80 km/hr intersections, missing AWF, high rate of rear end collisions,  missing pedestrian count down timers and more) and recommending more studies of up to 18 months etc..  Stay tuned for more info on the trial with engineer brought in to be expert witness.  Closing arguments and decision in March.

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk

– For Police to enforce in Reduced Speed School Zones with inadequate signage
Numbers media coverage of funding diverted to WPS, other Municipal and RCMP Police  .  Yet they ignoring certified engineers recommendations that say they don’t improve safety and all that is needed is proper signage and flashing lights when kids present.  CAA also recommended these lights and the CoW ignored free offer from private sector for installation and maintenance of the lights.  www.wiseupwinnipeg.com/flashinglights

– Funding Police for distracted driving enforcement while investing less on better education
– Is MPIC paying for or subsidising CAA Memberships for new drivers?

PUB Orders
October 2017

Pages that stood out and draft of responses started for some.

Downward trend continues for motor vehicle fatalities
and fatal collisions despite growth in number of
drivers and vehicles
o  Increase in total fatalities in 2016 is not an indication of long‐term trend reversal
o 2017 preliminary fatalities are tracking well below five‐year average.
With their and Transport Canada stats showing downward trend in fatalities and serious injures why are they promoting so much Enforcement before Engineering and Education with the Road to Zero – Vision Zero and other “safety” initatives?

They are mostly picking and choosing only the parts of the Road to Zero and Vision Zero strategies that proven ineffective elsewhere for improving safety but can lead to higher enforcement revenue.  e.g. More reduced speed limits in urban and rural areas when many already artificially reduced against certified engineers recommendations and the national standards they rely on to protect the public and ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.  It is well documented that these artificially reduced locations also have inadequate or purposely removed signage and are aggressively enforced by 3rd party For Profit photo enforcement partners Traffic Safe Solutions (TSS) and Xerox / Conduent  and traditional officer enforcement.

With this Road to Zero initiative TSS, Conduent, MPIC, WPS, CoW, and GoM also want to expand automated enforcement (photo and …), more officer enforcement and more traffic “safety” legislation.  Not one word about starting to enforce the Conditions of Authority which has been ignored by the Province since Photo Enforcement implemented in 2003 in return for 50% share of the $afety revenue.  No word of enforcing other transparency or accountability legislation and measures or improving this legislation.

Nothing in this initiative / strategy / plan, presentation or in Manitoba Justice annual reports about the much higher than Canadian average rate of alleged simple traffic, parking and bylaw violations and rate of contesting (25% or more) or the upward trend of both.  Nothing about correcting the resulting issues in MB Courts (MB SCC / POC, PC and QB), appeals and motions with unfair or unlawful tickets, tickets to wrong owners, multiple tickets to same owner less than a minute apart but mailed a week apart, delays to go to trial of 24 months or more, lack of or late disclosure, right to face accuser denied or made more difficult and other legal rights and due process issues.  They ignoring this as the root cause is the aggressive targeting of the known and often dangerous and created engineering deficiencies in proper and safe signage, speed limits, intersection amber times and others.  Similar with G4S Tech / WPA aggressively targeting of known and crated parking signage deficiencies (obscured, missing, confusing etc…) plus legislation, bylaw and policy changes that result in more tickets being issues even if unfair or unlawful.

Addressing these known and created deficiencies would mean losing up to $100M per year (of already heavily taxed income) which works out to over $600M with velocity of money (a dollar changes hands on avg 6 times) taken out of the economy or over $6 Billion since 2003.  That much money would have generated a lot of economic growth and legitimate tax revenue.  Instead they letting the few benefit at the expense of the many, society and the economy.  There are other indirect costs and impacts with more officers directed, diverted or asked to volunteer to work regular time or Pensionable OT on traffic duty with net loss to WPS (tax payers).  This even before OT to attend Court, Court Costs etc… or the impact this is having on the focus on serious crime (organised, violent, property, government, corporate, blue collar etc…).  The serious crime rate in Winnipeg is at or near the worst in Canada and one of only two places in Canada where it is not decreasing.

The latest legislation changes from the PC majority government some of which drafted by the previous NDP majority gov take away more due process rights and make it harder to stand up for charter and other legal rights for alleged traffic, parking and bylaw alleged offeces.  It also now requires leave to appeal be granted by a Justice before appeal hearing even when there is so many known and proven issues in the lower court.  This used to be a given right if the appeal application completed correctly.  This on top of a trend of many documented or independently reported cases of bias, errors, lying, misleading, bullying or perjury by operators, officers, clerks, crown, JJP’s or Justices with little to no consequence.

MPIC stats and Transport Canada Stats prove downward trend in fatalities and serious injuries and this well before $afety revenue became the priority over proper engineering, education, diverting MPIC overcharges to $afety initiatives that also ignore proper engineering, education, fairness.  If the engineering issues and polices corrected and better education this trend would improve even more along with less claims,

MPIC diverting Millions to Police for $afety initiatives most of which are a waste and actually putting the public at risk


City of Winnipeg and WPS failing to meet the Conditions of Authority from the Province for the Photo Enforcement Program
Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and MPIC supporting Road to Zero / Vision Zero Strategy – What this really means
To learn more about the MBEA, POC and related legislation, bylaw and policy changes related to traffic, parking and bylaw enforcement and related visit:
http://www.facebook.com/groups/wiseupwinnipeg.com – pinned post and nested links within it.

Behavior Change Priorities

Order of priorities is not correct?

1. Distracted Driving
 – Serious but over stated or estimated?
2. Speed
– almost never the cause or even a substantial factor
3. Impaired Driving
     – why are the numerous reports of police ignoring calls from outside bars of drunk drives yet MPIC and Police rely on after the fact Check Stops and they issue 100’s of minor violations at each one and very few DUI?  Why are there allegations of it ignored as it hurts tax revenue from alcohol sales.  Distrust proven by the large number of the public that do not condone DUI but join large FB Groups to avoid the delay, hassle and risk minor violation.Pedestrian Safety
   – Should be higher up as the leading cause of pedestrian fatalities is pedestrian error?
Following Too Closely
– dangerously short amber times creates more rear end collections, injuries and claims etc…
Failure to Use Occupant Restraints
    – Did the RCMP not state the # 1 cause of fatalities at least in Rural was failure to wear seat belt?
Motorcyclist Safety
Cyclist Safety
  – Better infrastructure like many cycling friendly cities have done prevent accidents
– Promotes active healthy lifestyle and reduced healthcare costs etc…
PUB Orders

Provide analysis of road safety budgets of SGI and ICBC, including
mandate of those insurers, their annual road safety budgets,
and budget breakdown by initiative, compared to MPI’s road
safety budget

What criteria are they using to compare.  Have there been an independent assessment of MPIC and these other public insurers?
How about compare value for money from private insurance in the Provinces that offer this like AB and …?

PUB Order 10.29
File the Road Safety Plan prepared by the Provincial Road Safety
Committee and produce a witness from the Government of
Manitoba in the 2018 GRA hearings to provide a presentation of
the Road Safety Plan
• Road to Zero has been filed
• MPI lacks authority to compel the Government

See summary of our response to this initiative / plan already above and in large draft here:
Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and MPIC supporting Road to Zero / Vision Zero Strategy – What this really means


PUB Oder 10.312
Clarify the Corporation’s stance on the use of the Safe systems
model or a Vision Zero target for collisions
• Adoption of a Safe Systems model and Toward Zero approach to road safety
requires jurisdictional support which would be achieved through the
Provincial Road Safety Committee
• MPI supports the adoption of these approaches by the Provincial Road
Safety Committee

See summary of our response to this initiative / plan already above and in large draft here:
Province of Manitoba, City of Winnipeg and MPIC supporting Road to Zero / Vision Zero Strategy – What this really means


2018 General Rate Application

Update on committee work provided Road to Zero: Manitoba
Road Safety Plan 2017
Released September 29


Searching GoM site for Road to Zero:

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Allegations of sexual assault against Hedley and response from several organizations

Many Hedley fans remain supportive as the band continues on tour while facing sexual misconduct allegations. On Friday, the management team for the pop-rock quartet severed its ties with the band.
Many Hedley fans remain supportive as the band continues on tour while facing sexual misconduct allegations. On Friday, the management team for the pop-rock quartet severed its ties with the band. (Universal Music Group)
Feb 20 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Collection from several listed sources
Many Hedley Cageless tour ticket holders are not sure about going to the concert anymore or have already decided not to go.  Some have go refunds from Ticket Master.
This after allegations including predatory behaviour, sexual assault, sex with underage girls, giving date rape drugs and rape and reports of a police investigation that was dropped after the underage victim or family did not want to assist with investigation.
I figured I should look into before giving my opinion and because a family member has purchased tickets.  They initially said they were only allegations not proven but have since said they have concerns now after more serious allegations have surfaced.
People should decide on their own so am just passing what info I found from both sides of the story regarding the allegations and responses from several organisations involved with Hedley including Ticketmaster.
I pasted what I found online including link to the twitter account collecting and releasing most of the allegations.

Hedley fans turn out to Manitoba concert despite sexual misconduct allegations

Canadian band called allegations ‘unsubstantiated,’ said there are ‘2 sides to every story’

 Feb 16, 2018 8:57 PM CT Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018 9:21 PM CT
Some of this article

A flurry of claims were made by anonymous users on Twitter who alleged inappropriate encounters with the band, which the band has called “unsubstantiated.”

One fan attending a concert said ultimately decided she would still attend the Brandon concert with her niece — who is a young adult — as planned.

“One of the main things is that I do believe in the process of law, that you should be innocent until proven guilty,” Mortensen said in an interview on CBC Manitoba’s Up To Speed. “But I soul searched because there isn’t a really good mechanism for items such as this to go through that process.”

She said the allegations speak to the issue of how society deals with accusations of sexual misconduct in general.

“The pendulum against the victims was stuck for a really long time and now it’s been released and it’s swung, and maybe it’s swung too far. I don’t know,” she said.

More on the allegations:
The person who started collecting and releasing stories sent to her about Hedley.  Read them here:  https://twitter.com/_cndnpsycho
Most allegations are about creepy behavior but some are very serious including predatory, un-consensual sex, sex with minors, giving date rape drugs and rape
As of Feb 15th or earlier someone posted online:
Here is what we know so far:

– Chris Crippin leaves band on bad terms, tweets Kermit sipping tea when allegations start to come out

– One report says Hedley withdraws from Juno’s but CBC reported
– BOTH of Hedleys management teams drop them

– The Embassy release the story from interviewing venue manager who describes something that is very disturbing if true involving an underage girl and allegations of her being drugged and rapped by a band member while the other members blocked the door.

– Both opening bands leave the tour (Neon Dreams and …)
Shawn Hook is out
– CBC Radio stops playing or promoting them
– End of a promotional deal with Air Miles, and charitable organizations that had previously worked with Hedley distancing themselves from the quartet

– On Thursday, Corus Radio said it suspended airplay of all Hedley music on 30 stations across Canada.

Still sound like just allegations? 
Other claims that:
 “These organisations don’t want to stick around for the backlash if this is true. Its all about image these days and with these allegations coming up left right and center for quite a few celebs a lot of management doesn’t want to deal with it. Doesn’t mean what’s going on is true.”

“When a woman was accused of being a witch, their own family would back away and watch them burn even if they were innocent. The mobs would burn anybody who stood by them. It’s like the millenniums version of Salem.”

“Arguably the biggest thing is the band’s statement was not an outright denial other than there was always a line they never crossed. I mean, that’s the detail that can’t be negated by the Salem analogy.”

Even when the witches denied that they were witches, unless they could offer proof, they were still burned.

Apparently Ticketmaster is offering refunds for Hedley tickets. 
I was not able to find an official response from Ticketmaster but several ticket holders have reported they were able to get refunds.
Contact: Ticket Master Fan Support @TMfanSupport

. is refunding all tickets for . Send them a message explaining why you want refund and include your order number and they will give a 100% refund. Thank you TM for doing this 👏🏻👏🏻

dm or on twitter and explain your reasoning for wanting a refund. they’ll ask for your order number and last four digits of your card. if it’s a VIP package, they have a special number to call, and once again explain the circumstances
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Reduce bureaucracy in education vs. removing class size caps and teachers

Feb 20 2017 – Kevin Yaworski – Parent and Public Advocate

Improving Education in Canada is a hot topic for many parents and other Citizens and now the Supreme Court of Canada is even weighing in.  Some Provinces like Manitoba have tax payers paying among the most per capita or per student in Canada yet getting some of the lowest results in return. Some in administrative roles argue basing provincial standings on performance is biased as the difference between top and bottom is only about 3% and some Provinces face unique challenges.  Even if so the data on where the money spent makes it pretty clear there is a spending issue not a level of taxation issue.  More than enough is being collected.

Most Provinces and the Federal Government are struggling with large annual deficits and much larger net debts carried over from previous years and governments.  In all cases the biggest cause of this has been fiscal mismanagement.  In other words a spending problem not a revenue problem.  The largest spending problem in most cases is out of control bureaucracy in government, school boards or divisions and other public bodies.  In most cases much higher than Canadian average senior or executive to staff ratios, salaries, expense accounts, pensions and other benefits.

With increasing interest rates and some hit by multiple credit downgrades this has become a very serious issue.

Some including at least BC and Manitoba have decided to focus on removing or increasing class size caps, limiting number of speciality teachers and assistants and other cuts that directly affect front line service (quality of education). Yet they doing very little to reduce out of control bureaucracy with many more superintendents and other very well compensated positions than are needed to maintain the same standard and quality of education.

Some like Manitoba have amalgamated school divisions in the past with cost reductions and improvements in quality and standards of education but not nearly as much as other Provinces have done like Alberta where there is as little as for cost per student is much lower and quality or results are much higher.

Manitoba has recently frozen most public servant wages force years and limited increases for two more including teachers as well as consolidated collective bargaining units so there is a more fair process for both sides (taxpayers and unions / servants). This has caused tension since the Government is not leading by example with no cuts or freeze for them, Police, Judges are others that are compensated very well and in many cases well above Canadian average even for public sector.

Another issue for many teachers that most do not feel comfortable to speak about or not allowed to after pressure from parents or administration is integrating more exceptional students into the regular classrooms (formerly refered to as special needs) but not increasing the number of teacher assistants or specialty teachers to maintain the same level and quality of education on average. These students can be disruptive and time consuming for teachers without the additional resources. They need to be counted as 2 or 3 students depending on the circumstances but in many cases this not being done and with caps removed this will only get worse.

If this integration done proper it improves the quality of life and education of those integrated and helps other students appreciate the challenges they face.

One more issue needing attention is not reducing class sizes in universities for education degrees while increasing class sizes in public schools and reducing funding. This setting up many graduated to fail and change career or leave the province. More on this below.

Here is more details.

On March 14 2017 the Manitoba Teachers’ Society says it was baffled that the Manitoba Progressive Conservative government said it was dumping legislation that required K-3 classrooms sizes to be limited to 20 students, meaning school divisions can set their own class sizes starting in the 2017-18 school year.

Teachers union ‘dumbfounded’ by removal of cap on K-Grade 3 class sizes

In MB some school divisions like Louis Riel have not changed class sizes yet but have increased school taxes for property owners instead of reducing bureaucracy. Others like Winnipeg One have.

This along with large and not reducing university education degree seats and teachers forced to or choosing to work longer to save more for retirement is making it even harder for graduates to find full time work in a field already hard to crack into.

In BC this matter even made it to the Supreme Court of Canada who reinstated the class caps and related language at least until the next CBA negotiated.

The B.C. teachers’ court decision: Class size, class composition and specialist teacher ratios broken down

  • NOV 25, 2016
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Gerald Stanley Trial – put yourself in juror’s shoes

Long but interesting read if you want to learn more about this high profile case and how the Jury was directed to deliberate.

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Proposed MB Supported Venture Capital Fund – What can we learn from the past

Feb 11 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Can the Pallister lead PC majority Parliament and Government of Manitoba (GoM) be trusted with another Province supported venture capital investment fund?

The last one was the Crocus Fund supported by Selinger’s NDP majority government and it cost MB investors at least $150 Million plus more losses that affected taxpayers. It involved unpaid loans to Sam Katz’s Goldeyes and other politically connected businesses, ignored warnings from expert insiders, court actions plus inadequate investigation and consequences when the fund failed.

There is strong support for the Premier’s proven Business Development appointee Barb Gamey but there is not much good to say for some of the others involved.

Lets look at the trend of the Pallister lead PC majority Parliament and GoM. They have not only kept status quo with the NDP’s unfair and unlawful traffic, parking and bylaw enforcement revenue schemes they have taken deliberate steps to create and amend legislation and policies to allow them to get worse and make it harder for the accused to contest, stand up for charter and other legal rights, due process and get a fair trial.

These schemes involved / involve senior people at Winnipeg City Council, City of Winnipeg (CoW), WPS, ACS / Xerox / Conduent, G4S Tech, GoM, MPIC, APEGM, MB Justice, MB Prosecutions / the Crown, LSM, the MB Judiciary and others that have allowed or ignored the root issues that are affecting public safety, interest, the economy and society. These issues involve aggressive targeted enforcement of known, created and dangerous engineering deficiencies in proper and safe signage, intersection amber times, speed limits and more.

They have lied and mislead about MB Hydro Bipole 3, rapidly rising Hydro and other infrastructure debt and deficits, the real cost of all the bureaucracy at the Province; Crown Corps; Health Authorities, School Boards / Divisions etc…, the carbon tax, P3 contracts, their involvment in several serious allegations and much more

They are standing idle while incomplete, false and misleading info provided to MB PUB for Hydro, MPIC and other utility rate increase requests. They are not enforcing the Conditions if Authority for photo and Officer traffic enforcement. They have delayed or reneged on the promised PST reduction and other promises.

Yes they have taken concrete steps to reduce unsustainable spending, the $1 Billion annual deficit they inherited or were part of as the official opposition but they have not lead by example or called for wage freezes or cuts for themselves, CoW elected, Justices, police while they forcing these on the rest of the public service. They have also done little to nothing about the $23 Billion in net debt, risk of more credit downgrades plus unsustainable and rising interest payments.

To learn more about this proposed venture capital investment fund.



Manitoba Invites Recommendations to Increase Access to Venture Capital

To learn more, help be part of collective action against the CoW and Province of Manitoba and be part of the solutions visit.


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Register for $25 Gift Card from Loblaws for bread price fixing

Is your time and details really worth it. How about they quickly verify you in person and give you card then and there.

How about fire the people who made these decisions, get the RCMP corporate crimes to investigate properly and when convicted add their fat pensions to the customer compensation.

If you want compensation Register Before May 8 2018


In most cases, registrations will be processed and, if approved, cards should be received in the mail within six weeks. In some cases, however, registration processing (including fraud management) and card delivery may take up to 12 weeks.

For further details regarding the $25 Loblaw Card, please visitwww.LoblawCard.ca or call the Program Administrator toll-free at 1-855-465-8881.

Along with bread price-fixing, Loblaw serves up baloney

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