Suspect Robs Liquor Mart with Bicycle Pump

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By Manitoba Post Staff
21 June 2019



Hey I have one of those pumps. Good to know if I ever become a victim of driver road rage I can pull it out. Wait maybe not everyone that foolish to believe it.

More than sadly this a symptom of bigger issues and a failure of our elected and appointed officials and the system they manage for us to do their jobs that we compensate them very well to do. It is not like we aren’t paying enough taxes, levies, fees and fines. About time we got more in return or start firing some of them and not just waiting every four years to elect more failed leaders based on false, misleading or idle promises and information.

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The world is broken—and human kindness is the only solution –

A photograph of the NZ PM embracing a Muslim woman reproduced by artist Loretta Lizzio as an 18-metre mural on a silo in Melbourne (Recep Sakar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

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MB cosmetic pesticide ban leads to dandelion infestation plus info on more natural alternatives

Delineations in a Winnipeg park.
Randall Paull/Global News


Dandelions bring nutrients up from the deeper soil. The rabbits eat them on my front lawn and a fake owl plus our cats let out peridically keep the rabbits out of our back yard.

I find if left unmanaged or if grass not maintained with overseeding and compost or good soil they can get a bit out of control so during the dandelion season I wait for the lawn to be damp from rain or water it and pull some out carefully with a weed puller and by hand to get entire root. If it very dry they some times come out completely with a good grip of all the leaves and a few gentle tugs.

If no time just mow with bagger before they go to seed.

There is more human and environmentally friendly method to manage (not eradicate) without toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans, pets, wild life, bees and other insects.

One lawn maintenance process to consider including that is more natural is using corn gluten meal (CGM) to prevent or limit weed seeds from germinating. More about this and other natural lawn maintenance tips below.
Many garden centres carry CGM or a trademarked version of it, and it can be purchased at Feed Rite Mills (17 Speers Rd, 233.8418) and Sage Garden Herbs (3410 St.Mary’s Rd., 257.2715). Every consecutive year you apply CGM – assuming proper timing and rate – should give you better results than the year before.

Organic Lawn Care Tips

There are an awful lot of misconceptions about how corn gluten meal works. As turf grass expert Dr. Nick Christians discovered at Iowa State University, corn gluten meal—a by-product of cornstarch manufacture—has the ability to prevent successful germination of weed seeds—and pretty much all other seeds too.

It will fertilize your lawn, and prevent the growth of new weeds. Because it prevents seeds from sprouting, make sure you wait 60 days after application before spreading grass seed. Corn Gluten can also be used to fertilize shrubs and transplants. As a fertilizer, corn gluten can be applied at any time of year.

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Canadian corporations dodged up to $11B in taxes in a year, CRA report finds | CBC

The Canada Revenue Agency found tax leakage with companies big and small in the report released Tuesday. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

Canadian corporations dodged up to $11B in taxes in a year, CRA report finds


Long overdue to stop raising taxes on the larger number of middle and lower income Canadians and go after ther corporate and wealthy cheats. Then lower taxes for all individuals, small businesses and corporations who are proven to be honest.

Contact your elected and appointed officials to make it a party and candidate promise.

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Opinion: As Vancouver mulls a bitcoin ATM ban, don’t forget who this might hurt the most: sex workers – The Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail



Is Winnipeg going to consider the same?

Winnipeg is among the worst in Canada for money laundering and organized crime.

There is a few but some are withdrawl only. The one at Marion hotel is deposit as well.

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Parting the Red Sea: Why the Chinese and U.S. armies are fortifying this tiny African country – The Globe and Mail

Djibouti, 2017: Personnel from China’s People’s Liberation Army hold an opening ceremony for a new Chinese military base, the country’s first such facility to be built overseas. STR/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

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Google is offering texting from a computer and is testing RCS (Advanced SMS) messaging without the carrier in middle

Send and receive Text / SMS / MMS messages from your computer with the Messages web app by Google. Requires an Android mobile phone and setting Google Messages as the default text messaging app if it not already. Samsung and some other phones come with their own text messaging app set as default but it easy to switch to others or back if you prefer.

Works with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. It is not available on Internet Explorer.

Get Google Messages in the Play Store

Setup and use:

Get more information

Note: Your latest conversation threads, contacts, and other settings will be encrypted and cached on your web browser. You can signout or if you don’t use your Messages account for 14 days, you’ll automatically be signed out for security reasons.

Google is offering RCS messaging without the carrier in the middle. What does that mean for me? | Android Central

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and the best way to describe it is to say it can make regular texting more like Hangours, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

It’s not available everywhere — Google is trialing things in the UK and France and there is no word on when to expect an expanded rollout.

There are a few things that you’ll want to understand along the privacy front, though.

Encryption — RCS messages are not end-to-end encrypted. Messages are encrypted during transit from you to a service provider (whether it be Google or a carrier) and from the provider to the destination, but the provider does have access. Google says messages will be deleted once they are received, but attachments may be held until all recipients have downloaded them. End-to-end encryption is something that can be added to RCS, but until that happens, you need to know that the service provider will have access to your messages.

Regular SMS messages are not encrypted at all even in transit and are therefore accessible by carriers and susceptible to man in the middle attacks or leaks.

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