Is MPIC operating and acting outside the law?

May 26 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg
— Draft —

Do you think MPI has been allowed to operate and act outside the law (The MPI Act, other Provincial and Federal legislation as well as Charter Rights)?

WiseUpWinnipeg and many are arguing they have been doing this for years and progressively getting worse with less and less transparency and accountability.

The majority of the main stream media has proven to be influenced, biased, misleading and to often they shy away from the larger issues the public face especially if it upsets those in power and the elite.

The PC Party while in the official opposition objected to out of control spending by MPIC but once elected have ignored their promise to reign in spending and have allowed it to get worse at MPIC.

Here are just a few of the many serious allegations and some of the proven facts to help you decide. Plus some suggestions on actions that can be taken collectively to make a difference.

– MPIC has been lying or misleading the public and MB PUB to get rate hike and demerit scale requests approved while ignoring out of control spending on much higher than average executive and senior management to staff rations, salaries, pensions, expense accounts and other benefits plus admin costs up to 40% higher than previous years.

– Taking action against drivers before alleged offences proven in court even when there is no real danger to the public then collecting from higher fees from suspensions and related.

– Ignoring the 50% or more increase in rear end collisions at red light camera intersections and others with dangerously short 4 sec amber time, and other known or created and dangerous engineering deficiencies that are being aggressively targeted by For Profit TSS / Xerox / Conduent and WPS.

– Diverting Millions of dollars to Police, Consultants and others from overcharging instead of refunding as they are required and used to do. For regular, annual or pilot “Safety” Programs and Studies proven by FIPPA requests, Ombudsman complaints and investigations by WUW and others to have little to do with real safety and more about countering police budget reduction attempts and demerit related revenue.

– Not reporting complete and accurate data and stats for accidents, injuries, claims as required by the Conditions of Authority for Photo Enforcement

– Sponsoring “independent” research institute that did “safety” study and produced report that was mostly filled with false and misleading information that was used to expand photo enforcement.

– Ignoring recommendations in studies and audits that would lead to destroying the credibility of Photo Enforcement and eventual shutdown of the program.

– Misleading GoM, MB Parliament, MB PUB and the public with their 2017 – 2020 Road to Zero / Vision Zero “Safety” Strategy.

– Many claims or alleged simple traffic offenses handled unfairly by MPIC. Claim denied or undervalued response without valid reasons. Demerits and deductable applied to both drivers even when proof one at fault. Demerits when Crown or JJP agreed to grant reprimand.

– Reports or complaints of unfair, unethical or unlawful behavior by MPIC with claims, vehicles written off and related being ignored unless going to Ombudsman or proper Court.

– They started diverting overcharges to pay for Police to have Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR) several years ago. They implemented with little to no oversight or protections against misuse and privacy violations.

Now FIPPA requests, City of Winnipeg Open Data systems and WUW member investigations have proven Winnipeg Parking Authority is using ALPR’s to issue 1000’s of unfair and unlawful alleged parking offenses. This after NDP and PC pushed legislation plus City of Winipeg bylaws implemented without due diligence, little to no public consultation or debate that is against public interest and arguably is unconstitutional.

Manitobians and especially Winnipeggers are some of the highest taxed, leved, fee’d and fined residents in Canada yet getting some of the least in return. How much more can they and the economy take?



Stayed tuned for more on this and what can be done about it!

Search my blog for mpic to learn more.

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Where have all the mommies gone?

(Picture: Getty/Digital Vision)

(Picture: Getty/Digital Vision)
May 13 2018

An interesting article below from the Globe and Mail about low birth and fertility rates in Canada and elsewhere plus my added commentary along with related information I have collected.

Canada and many countries in the West, parts of Asia and South America have birth rates between 1.4 – 1.9 child per female or lower. Without increasing rates and immigration some of these will go bankrupt or extinct in the long run.

Many people in these countries are concerned that large immigration from countries with very different values related to seperation of church from state, equal or civil rights and similar will overtime undermine what has made their countries relatively safe, free of radicalization, prosperous and attractive to immigration in the first place.

Many experts saying our planet can’t sustain the overal global rate of population growth, energy consumption based on current food production and other technology, fresh and clean drinking water and other resources plus how we are treating the environment.

Birth control use in these countries is the main factor for the lower rates but what is causing so many women to not find a partner, not have children or delay so long it becomes too late?

Many universities in these countries have seen shifts of about 70% male students to 70% female. Many couples or families with one child can’t afford to have more or for one parent to stay home with the kids. This can often lead to a hectic lifestyle not conducive to getting pregnant.

Many women say they can’t find a man that is motivated or interested enough.

Here is a few things researchers are saying are affecting boys and young men’s motivation:

  • Video games. These addictive activities disengage boys from the world. Some young men even seem to prefer online porno to the prospect of sex with another human being.
  • Teaching methods. Girls develop intellectually up to two years ahead of boys. Boys in grade school are naturally rambunctious. They need ways to express their native energy. They are being taught to read and write too early. Their mostly female teachers prefer compliant, dutiful girls.
  • Prescription drugs. Hyperactive, frustrated boys are increasingly being medicated. This we all know. What Sax claims is that these drugs shrink the motivational centres of the brain and that the effect of this lasts years, well after these kids stop taking their meds. I hadn’t heard this before but if it’s true, it is truly frightening.
  • Endocrine disruptors. Chemicals from plastic bottles, canned food linings and some shampoos mimic natural estrogen, the female hormone. Boys’ testosterone levels are half of what they were in their grandfathers’ day. Also, their bones are significantly more brittle.
  • The devaluation of masculinity. Boys don’t know how to become men. They no longer have appropriate rights of passage. Once Father Knows Best was the paternalistic model but now he has been replaced (and mocked) by a dopey Homer Simpson. Sax likes the old virtues of courage and temperance, with a good measure of intelligence.

Men that frequently use laptops on their lap or tight fitting underwear and pants can overheat their testicles which reduces sperm count and fertility.

Some men choose a simple vasectomy after they have had enough kids for their own reasons or so their partner does not need to take birth control and the higher risks this may have.

Girls are entering puberty earlier. Many of these and young women incouraged to use birth control pills even if they not being sexually active to regulate menstration. Even with known issues with increased risks of depression and other side effects.

Are these having long lasting or unknown effects like some medications? If they not sure more independent and proper scientific studies need to be done. In the mean time would recommending other forms of birth control for sexually active women be better?

So enviromental (pollution including hormone mimicers or disruptors), food industry (hormones and additives), additives in shampoo and other products, some medications plus some societal and culture changes are all having negative effects on boys, girls, men, women, birth rates, health and more.

This puts us in a bit off a condumdrum.

How we move forward is important and ignoring will only result in matters getting worse.

Where have all the mommies gone?

Globe and Mail – May 11 2018

More on lack of motivation of boys and young men plus what can be done.

lost boys are we raising a generation of peter pans

Reducing childrens screen time and much more

The Collapse of Parenting, Boys Adrift and Parenting in the age of awefullness


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Is Facebook and other apps using your “smartphone” Camera without you knowing?

April 30 2018 – Kevin Yaworski

Here is a concerning observation of the Facebook App’s behavior and some tips about Apps and Permissions.

CBC Marketplace did this episode on how easy it is to create an app, get users to download and use it to access mic, camera, audio, video, photos, contacts, texts etc… Many cases of this being exploited. Some may say they have nothing to hide but evasion of privacy is a slippery slope.

I decided a while ago to disable the camera on my “smart” phone globally using an app rather than controlling with individual permissions. When I need to use the camera I enable it 1st.

Most of the apps I use except Facebook work fine until I try and use the Camera without enabling it 1st. Periodically Facebook will Crash with error that Camera not accessible even without trying to use the camera. Having the camera enable all the time and Facebook rarely crashes. Recently this behavior has intermittently gotten worse where it crashes and then will not start unless enabling camera 1st. It possible to disable again after app started and it stays running for some time. I am seeing this behavior with at least v170. on Android.

If you are an app developer or know where to enable logging it probably possible to debug to try and figure out why it trying to access the camera intermittently.

Similar can be done to control microphone globally but it is not practical since you need it for phone calls and call or voice / audio recording if you use that.

You can control using an app with exceptions or directly under system, permissions on at least Android.

Beware of any apps that want more permissions then they should need. Read the apps reviews and note how many users have downloaded it to learn if it works well for most and to help decide if or how trustworthy it is. Some apps let you restrict some permissions after installing via the app or system, permissions.

Apps like Bitdefender, Kaspersky Internet Security or similar reputable apps can scan when new apps installed for malware and review permissions etc …(free) or in realtime (paid).


Privacy and big data

The power of algorithms and big data as well as the dangers – Weapons of Math Destruction

Social Media and Internet Monopolies Manipulating the Masses

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Predictions on the Stock Markets and Warnings

Image from

April 27 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian and Global Citizen

Some stock market analysts are predicting the end of the recent bull markets coming, already started or major corrections starting in 3 weeks to 3 years. They also confirming the fact that we have seen US markets and independent news affect Canada markets yet they can often be moving in different directions from one another similar to our economies.

See the globe articles below with more details on this and a warning about fake gold and other risks if looking for lower risk or alternative investments when markets trend down.

I am not an expert in this field and this is not advice but more information and suggestions so you can be more informed and make better decisions. Whether you are or want to get involved in self directing or want to be better informed when talking to your financial advisor if you use or get one.

Why trust my advice or suggestions?

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Social Media and Internet Monopolies Manipulating the Masses

Sept 28, 2017, smartphone being operated in front of GAFA logos as background in Hédé-Bazouges, western France. (DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images)

April 25 2018

Powerful message, warnings, impacts and solutions offered. Digital Media and Global Affairs expert Taylor Owen talks about the intense surveillance our lives are under now by a few internet monopolies.

Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are manipulating our lives and threatening our democracy

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Privacy and big data

April 11 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Public Advocate


I often use incognito mode when web browsing or disable cookies to limit data collection; price increases when searching for flights or products etc…

Even so I just noticed what I searched for in Facebook on my computer followed me to my mobile. Facebook ads appear in my feed related to these searches even with my privacy and ad settings restricted.

Similar happens if I am signed into Google on my PC and use Google search. Google now requires cookies enabled even for logging in. On Android or Apple IOS mobile devices you are always logged into Google or Apple.
Regardless searches saved and used to show local or global trends.

Location history from mobile (cell towers), GPS or Wifi may be enabled on your devices or Google, Apple, Microsoft and other accounts.

Your data maybe tracked in many other places. Some of these include Siri, Alexi, Echo and other voice recognition based search or answer services or products.

For web browsers

Firefox Quantum has really good tracking protection which doubles as an adblocker as well, since most ads track you anyways, it just disables those objects in the
page. Also has the benefit of making pages load much faster

In most browsers you can review, delete and or disable cookies (3rd party or all). You can also clear history (last hour, day, … or all). Note your preferences for some web sites maybe lost. There is tools like Malwarebytes and others that can scan for known Malware and cookies from known malicious or ad sites etc…

You can clear or disable search, location and other history or activity in at least Facebook and Google.

Is all this permitted and unknown data collection beneficial to society? So far based on recent and past news of incidents it pretty clear even the unintended consequences are quite serious.

Facebook unveils ‘clear history’ feature amid data controversy


See recent posts of mine and here is related posts that are still relevant.

The power of algorithms and big data as well as the dangers – Weapons of Math Destruction

The dark side of data | Playlist |

Here is some info on preventing unauthorized access to your internet connected devices and the data on them.

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Escolating trend in parking enforcement abuses in Winnipeg

Apr 8 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

*** Important message to members and the general public viewing. Share widely online and by word of mouth ***

One of our hardworking members has been at it again helping better expose the escolating trend in parking enforcement abuses.

For Profit G4S Tech and WPA are ramping up the parking bylaw for illegal vehicle parking on private property. This could ‘bite’ individuals that break this easy to read law that appears to be enforced in selected parts of the city…. excluding Tuxedo of course.
Similar to how Tuxedo the only area to have 30k reduced $peed $chool zone removed after residents complained.

You can thank Counc. Janice Lukes who championed the G4S Tech friendly parking changes and bylaw and Minister Heather Stefanson plus the others who have allowed and supported the changes, legislation and another bylaw that is being used for revenue rather than public safety and interest.

Some of the details of the parking bylaw are below.

Here is a map showing where they are ticketing.

Here is the chart showing tickets issued by month for this Parking on Private Property infraction. March data is not complete yet….

The Concordia Hospital Physio preventative care program reduced or closed in October, 2017.

That appears to have had the adverse effect of reducing the number of ‘parking in an intersection’ tickets that the WPA is able to issue on Moncton Street near that hospital.

We can only hope people will continue to park in other intersections near the remaining hospitals with ER’s (whichever they are) so this revenue source does not dry up.

In ‘the good old days’ – Moncton Street was a gravy train for the WPA.

It appears that WPA has ‘the violation of the month’ – and for June to Sept, 2017 it was Intersection tickets. The number of intersection tickets issued across the city has dropped off drastically since September. No idea why.

For May – December it was Fire Lane tickets.

This chart shows the number of tickets issued for ‘intersection’ violations over time. Seems ticketing for this infraction has fallen out of favor.

Other WPA / G4S Tech / CoW Parking Enforcement Abuses documented

New plea process legislation and bylaw that has made it harder to contest, get a fair trial or appeal simple parking, traffic and bylaw matters.

Out of control parking enforcement in Winnipeg including firelanes and issues contesting or appealing

Watch “The worst places to park in Canada: Parking ticket traps, unfair tickets (CBC Marketplace)” on YouTube
Nov 18 2016

Several parts involve Winnipeg throughout this episode

Visit to get better informed, volunteer and donate to court actions to stop this abuse.

Comment on this blog post or discuss here:

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The Wpg Parking Bylaw at:

defines a passenger vehicle as follows:
passenger vehicle” means a motor vehicle (other than a bus, commercial vehicle, motor home, or taxicab) that is designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of people on a street or highway. It includes a pickup truck, a van (other than a cube van), a minivan, a motorcycle, a moped and a scooter.

The bylaw has the following sections:

No more than six vehicles
No person may park or store a vehicle on a property if, at the time of placing the
vehicle on the property, at least six other vehicles are already parked or stored on the property.
No more than four passenger vehicles
No person may park or store a passenger vehicle on a property if, at the time of
placing the vehicle on the property, at least four other passenger vehicles are already parked or stored on the property.
No more than one small truck
No person may park or store a small truck on a property if, at the time of placing the truck on the property, another small truck is already parked or stored on the property.

No person may park or store a vehicle on a driveway in the front yard of a property if, at the time of placing the vehicle on the driveway, the number of vehicles in the front yard is already at the maximum. For this purpose, the maximum number of vehicles in the front yard of a property is
two vehicles, if they are not parked in tandem; or
four vehicles, if they are parked in tandem.

“large truck” means a truck with a GVWR of more than 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs).

“large vehicle” means a vehicle, other than a recreational vehicle, that
(a) is a large truck; or
(b) has one or more of the following characteristics:
(i) tandem axles;
(ii) a passenger capacity in excess of 15 persons; or
(iii) dual wheels where the vehicle includes a flat deck or other form of utility deck; or
(c) can be generally described as
(i) a bus,
(ii) a limousine,
(ii) a cube van,
(iii) a dump truck, tow truck or flatbed truck, or
(iv) a tractor, trailer, or tractor-trailer combination.

“small truck” means a truck that is neither a large vehicle nor a passenger vehicle.

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