Cannabis legalization: What is your province or territory doing? A guide


8 days or less for the federal cannabis legalization to come into effect. Most Provinces have set legal age of 19 but new CAQ government in Quebec wants to change to 21 plus make penalties for violations higher. Currently MB is 19 but we all know how easy it is for those under age to get alcohol through older siblings or friends.

The OPHA and other public health associations are recommending legal age of 21 based on the majority of peer reviewed scientific research suggesting 21-25 to reduce harm to young people.

Many police services have said they are not ready to accurately test drivers for impairment and enforce other aspects. They have asked for more time to prepare but we’re ignored. Many are saying the suggested selling price with numerous taxes and levies at multiple levels of government will not deter drug dealing which was one of the main goals.

There is also little information about how they plan to deal with breeds with high levels of THC which are still being sold even when they proven to be even more harmful especially for teens and young adults or those with history of mental illness.

The fact you can’t grow small amounts at home in at least MB and among the highest fines in Canada is being called another tax crab and likely to face court challenges that will be costly to the public to defend.

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Can this tech pioneer convince you to delete your social media accounts?

Oct 5 2018 – CBC The Current

Jaron Lanier says evidence shows addictive design was deliberately used for platform

We are lumped into groups of millions of like minded users based on data collected from us from many sources. Then thousands of tiny unnoticeable social experiments performed over time on each group to figure out the best way to slowly manipulate them without them realizing. Robbing many of part of their free will.

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35-Year-Old Unknown Creates the World’s Most Valuable Startup – Bloomberg

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35-Year-Old Unknown Creates the World’s Most Valuable Startup – Bloomberg

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Allegations of Corruption with Investors Group Field Construction, Loans Deals and Related

Investors Group Field price tag keeps growing, and growing … and final costs with interest is already over $384 Million. That is more than what a covered stadium would have cost.

Don’t get me wrong the new stadium is a huge improvement over the old one and was much needed. That said the following makes it clear we all need to demand an OAG Audit of the IGF Stadium project and subsequent loans and repairs. Those responsible for several costly mistakes need to be held accountable and something needs to be done to minimize what the tax payers are on the hook for now or in the future.

This audit is needed after it revealed up to $35M in repairs are covered by loan guarantee from the province which was arranged by the NDP government. There is a lawsuit pending against construction firm and architect but they say the facts show they designed and built what the owners (Triple B) ordered. It is claimed that the NDP government rushed the project ahead of the 2011 election.

Worse yet things have not worked out as planned by the City & Province at the old Stadium site because of Target closure and other issues so it looks like the Phase 1 loan won’t be paid off in time and taxpayers will be on the hook.

Is Sam Katz buddy Phil Sheegle, Shindigo and Fairview benefiting from the NDP and City approved deal? Should they be paying the amount of property taxes required regardless of tenancy? If not they may not be trying as hard as they should to find tenants and develop remaining free space.

Nobody wants to talk about this elephant in the room. Because at the end of the day, it will be taxpayers who will get stuck with the bill.

And the politicians, civil servants, football brass and Triple B executives who cooked up this fantasy deal in the first place won’t be around in 21 years to deal with the fallout.

We need to demand an OAG Audit as mentioned above.

Investors Group Field price tag keeps growing, and growing …

More details in these articles:

Final cost of Investors Group Field expected to be at least $384M

Investors Group Field to get $35M in repairs thanks to loan guarantee from province by NDP government.

Updated info, related and discussions:

Note some duplication or overlap in this draft.

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Trust and Confidence in Police, the Judiciary, Governments and many other public bodies

Sept 26 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – Proud Canadian – Disenchanted Manitoban

Trust and Confidence in Police, the Judiciary, Governments and many other public bodies as well as mainstream media are at all time lows across many parts of Canada, the USA and some other democratic nations. This is especially so in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

This Globe and Mail article and my comments below are just some of the indicators that many positive reforms required.

The article mentioned former Canadian Governor General David Johnston has written a book called Trust. In it he writes that democracy, justice and the rule of law depend on “a trust in each other as citizens, and a trust between citizens and the institutions that stand for and serve them.”

A few actions in Canada have improved matters but many have made matters worse depending on one’s opinion. Others have just divided Canada even more.
Premier Doug Ford led Conservatives using the notwithstanding clause in the charter to overrule a Court Justice decision and reduce the size of Toronto City Council from 47 to 25 seats as part of many changes to reign in unsustainable spending and inefficiencies in Ontario which was a major platform promise. The higher court granted leave to appeal and put the decision on hold so the legislation stands and Council is being reduced as part of upcoming election.
Several Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decisions that upheld or reinforced fundamentals of our Democracy, Justices System, Free Speech and Free Press.
A few SCC and lower Court decisions that have been widely questioned involving several important public interests.
Maxime Bernier the Conservative MP from Quebec has left the party to create the People’s Party of Canada after irreconcilable differences with his former leader and party on several key areas. There is concerns this will surely split the Conservative vote next election and assure another liberal term.

Long term another party for Canada may bring us more center and balanced. There is examples in other democratic nations that more parties is better for public interests and less is worse.

In Winnipeg there is increasing serious crime rates, high or rapidly increasing rates of taxes, levies, fees, fines, hydro / water / sewer rates and public auto insurance which are among the highest in Canada while the public is getting among the least in return for almost all major public services. This is benefiting the few at the expense of many with increasing poverty, serious crime, reduced economic growth and less legitimate tax revenue.
In Manitoba and especially Winnipeg after continued incompetence of leadership, fiscal mismanagement and unethical if not unlawful influence there has been years of extremely high volumes per capita of alleged simple traffic and parking alleged offenses plus rates of contesting that has been taking over $100 million out of the economy each year and impacting low income individuals and families the most.

This volume, contesting rate, fine amounts and hidden costs are off the charts higher than anywhere in Canada. Most of these alleged offenses issued in locations with known or created and dangerous engineering deficiencies in proper signage, speed limits, intersection amber times and more.

In late 2016 deIays to go to trial for most simple traffic matters and many more serious matters went up to 24 months or more. I was in Manitoba’s Provincial Court as self represented for a charter challenge involving one of these simple traffic matters and unreasonable delays. I was successful after relying on information obtained through public advocacy with WiseUpWinnipeg and a few cases before me plus demonstrating a loss of public confidence in the system. Others followed and these combined to put pressure on the MB Government to act.
Unfortunately for the public the Brian Pallister led PC majority government followed the trend of the former Greg Selinger led NDP majority governments and enacted more legislation without due diligence, proper public consultation and debate. This and new policies also against public interests have taken away more rights and made others more difficult to use or the accused to even know about.
A similar case R. vs. Grant made it to MB’s Highest Court which is unusual for simple traffic matters like this but the accused abandoned the appeal after meeting with the Crown without their lawyer Markus Buchart present who was working on the case probono as a matter of public interest.
I heard Buchart was so disenchanted with failures in the system that he quit practicing law and is focusing on leading Manitoba Forward to bring meaningful reforms through political leadership and public advocacy.
The strong Premier and Mayor models and a culture of influence in place in Manitoba and Winnipeg lack governance, are resulting in MLA’s. Councillors and government that are more self and special interest serving and less focused on public interests. This has caused more loss of public trust, respect and confidence in the system. Similar is occurring elsewhere but is especially bad in Manitoba and Winnipeg.
There is other important public interest cases before the courts plus other steps being taken and needed to bring the much needed reforms to these public bodies and restore this trust.
To get move informed of issues and refirms in Manitoba and Winnipeg, donate and volunteer visit,, @WiseUpWpg.

For related info about public interests see more of my blog posts at

Follow or message me @kyaworski on Twitter

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Public Safety ignored by Mayor Brian Bowman, Councillors Janice Lukes and Matt Allard – Winnipeg City Council

Matt Allard – Facebook

Sept 25 2018 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

Here is another email reply informing Counc. Matt Allard of what the public expects of him and other City leaders and some of the actions WiseUpWinnipeg will take on behalf of the public if they continue to be ignored.
This email and the following posts I shared as well as others are just part of what we have done and are planning in an attempt to inform the public, force our leaders to stop ignoring and bring an end to this abuse of the public.  The attachment listed below included communication and reforms listed here:

Public Safety and Proper use of Public Funds at City of Winnipeg

Apr 27 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg


Many attempts to contact Mayor Bowman about these serious public safety and interest issues since 2015 have got zero response. Even petitions with thousands of signatures hand delivered to his office in 2015 with media ignored.

Similar ignoring or inadequate responses from Janice Lukes former Chair of Infrastructure. They have all taken steps to make these matters worse for the public.

One of Bowman’s many policy analysts, Lukes, CSO Michael Jack, Allard and Allard’s political aid have all seen the two hour guided presentation by WiseUpWinnipeg and agreed to collaborate or look into the many safety and enforcement issues that we have well documented. They have all done zero to date. All lip service followed by ignoring and even taking deliberate steps to make matters worse for the public.


What WiseUpWinnipeg has done and is doing for the public who too often are being ignored and at great cost

Sept 11 2016 – Kevin Yaworski – WiseUpWinnipeg

It is time to follow through with the release of this chronological list of inaction an abuse by those in authority that have the responsibility to act but are choosing self or special interests over proper public safety and interests.

Email thread with Matt Allard and other elected and appointed officials going back to Aug 2016

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